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Positioning deck idea


yea thats it tell me what you think and give me feedback because i think it is a cool idea and would like to see what you guys can do with it.


First, you get a :heart: because Vanar.

Your deck’s checklist in my humble opinion:

  • :ballot_box_with_check: 9 turn one minions - OK.
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Card draw - Snow Chaser only might be too little. But let’s say that’s enough for your play style.
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Ping artifacts - Faie.
  • :no_entry_sign: Healing
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Area of Effect - All positional + Blinding Snowstorm (underrated card).
  • :wheelchair: Removal / Answers - Missing aspects or Hailstone Prison, I think you need a slot of either to handle the much more powerful game plans out there.
  • :grey_question: Burst damage - You’re running Protosensor, you NEED Wailing Overdrive. Glacial Fissure works well with Mesmerize, but very conditional and early game only.
  • :wheelchair: Win Conditions - Your only big thing is Draugar Eyolith, but he’s slow. See below. Also my personal rule is to have 2-3 win conditions in a list (at least 6 finisher cards).
  • :wheelchair: Ramp or speed - If Draugar Eyolith is your main win condition, you need to speed him up (mana ramp, build acceleration). Hell, this is true for any win condition.
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Memery - Your list is original.

There are a few decks made by pros implementing the positional strategy in the following post:

If it was me I would pick one of these and try to build it or approximate it. I’m assuming you don’t have a full collection, replace cards you don’t have by functional equivalents.

There are a few gems in your list but by going “full positional” you cut yourself off the necessary tools for a competitive deck. What are the one or two tricks you really like here? We’ll focus on them only and give them a decent shell.


Linkrel and me tried to run a similar control deck to this.

So… think about adding hydrogram, endless hunt and a copy or two of blitz.

Or denadoro + ambush.


wow you put a lot of effort into your replys vary respectable, but i do agree the game plan does just look like Eyolith but and there is no hard removal, but i do want to go full memery so i could put in overdrive. do you think we can have a little back and forth about what the list could look like that would help a lot and i think we could make a fun deck out of this.


Man you just gave me a license for memery, that’s the level of confidence I needed before sharing a list.
I made the following according to your theme, and it’s not going to be competition-worthy but if you play it well enough you could have a chance. I do not recommend to craft for this deck unless you already have too much spirit and are bored out of your mind.

I chose to keep Draugar Eyolith, Protosensor and Glacial Fissure. Almost too many memes already.

Protosensor gives us a huge imperative to use Wailing Overdrive, so I added it along with Freeblade another time-proven buddy. This is most likely going to be your #1 shot at a win condition.

Note that I think Letigress is also quite potent with the Wailing Overdrive game plan.

Glacial Fissure is in with Mesmerize to punish the early middle column rush. It’s a fun module I actually ran a few games with a deck based on it. You need Hearth Sister too.

Impervious Giago is here to help pin your opponent in place. In this list I lost some AOE, and that could be a job for Bonereaper… But he’s 1 mana too expensive right now, to include it I think I would need to make room for more ramp in the early game and lose one meme aspect.

To enable Eyolith I added Timekeeper and since I was going for it, a set of Build minions to cover for healing and card draw (using the memery license you gave me, because it’s suboptimal bad). Malicious Wisp is also here to potentially get Eyolith a turn earlier on the field. :building_construction:
Feel free to replace the Build guys by something more conventional (i.e. Spelljammer and Azure Herald), and in that case maybe Timekeeper can be replaced by something else.

So here you go, you have a meme deck with a weak early game, a 4 mana surprise (Wisp, Proto-overdrive, or Fissure), followed by enemy side entanglement if possible. Everything will fall apart if your opponent flees on your side, in that case your only hope is to Heart-Sister switch your fat guy back into range.

You probably want a more serious list please have a look at this where Cloudcaller is your flex spot:

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Look similar to what Zohan built. Here is a playlist with replays. A few of them could be private though.


I’ll echo what Bepoest said: your deck is trying to do too many different memes at once. The problem here is twofold: first, meme cards are generally “bad” (or at the very least, more conditional / lower power level), and by filling your deck with them you deny yourself the opportunity to run “good” cards which permit your deck to actually function. Secondly, while there’s some minor synergy, most of your meme cards are in conflict since each only applies to enemies in certain locations. I guess the idea is that you have answers for every position, but in practice you’ll frequently find that your hand is clogged up with uncastable cards (especially because, relating back to the first point, you have no real way of drawing cards or improving your hand quality).

Here are some sample decklists which focus on just one thing at time. These are all still pretty memey but hopefully should be at least somewhat competitive as well:

Anti-Infilitrate Burn: Lure your opponent in with backline value generators, then burn them out with Fissure, Avalanche, and your BBS.

Opening Side Infinite Avalanche: the goal is to force your opponent onto your side of the board with Dredger and Wanderlust, and then keep casting Avalanche with Alcuin recursion.

Infiltrate Beats: push quickly onto your opponent’s side of the board and then beat them down with overstatted Infiltrate minions. Dendoro is a backup plan if things go wrong, you could replace him with Wind Sister Maia if you want to go a little more all in.

Build Movement Lockdown: Use Snowstorm effects and Provokes to lock your opponent down while you BBS them to death.

Finally, here is Zohan’s Stun Build list from Boronian’s video, as best I can reverse engineer:


That’s a lot of lists that are running glacial fissure without also running eclipse


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