Poro Making Vetrutvian Great Again


Introduction and Disclaimers

Hello, hello, hello.
I have returned from the depth of the Abyssian abyss to bring you one of the few decks that I have been having success with (the first deck that I have had success in history, that’s quite the achievement). Now, before we continue I want to disclaim that, for me, success means being able to reach rank 10; so do not expect to get to S rank 1 with this deck. Also quick shout out to @RyanH for helping me tweak the early stages of this deck.

The Star of the Show

Moving on. Let’s get started with the main course; the long awaited Vetruvian mid-range deck that I have been running and tweaking these past few days.

In case you want to know the name of this deck it’s Baetruvian v1.24.

Personal Comments

So. What is the point of this deck? Well to be honest this was my attempt at making Sajj work because I like her art/model. Turns out that the deck evolved into a pretty decent mid-range~y deck with a nice balance of options that allows the player to tackle the majority of the current top tier meta decks.

First off, let’s discuss the main strength of this deck. The tags for this deck are “tempo”, “options” and “control”. At first glance you might think that this is more on the aggro side of the meta and you wouldn’t be wrong; getting the coveted double Pax and inner oasis on 2nd turn coin flip means you’ll more or less win 80% of the time. However, the beauty of this deck is actually entrenched in it’s ability to allows the player to be flexible with there play style with strong emphasis on using all your mana each and every turn.

I would evaluate this deck to be the type of deck that is easy to pick up but hard to master sort . For new players the deck’s relatively simple utilization of in-game mechanics and moderate amount of variety means that it’s not as unforgiving to play as other decks such as control magpies or aggro lyonpups. On the other hand, to play this deck perfectly is a challenge that I have been consistently enjoying over the past few days; since the deck offer so many options it’s difficulty pairs in parallel with it’s simplicity: quite simply put, when you have so many options it becomes difficult to judge which option is the best in each of the infinite possible scenarios that you’ll meet on ladder (I’ll elaborate this later on).

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s start with the strength of this deck. As mentioned above the main point of this deck is “tempo”, otherwise meaning: efficient usage of mana every turn. Baetruvian achieves this by playing hardy 2~4 cost value cards such as Sunsteel Defender and Pax in the early game and covers the late game with Nimbus and Baemara or combinations of the cheaper cards + a buffing spell (such as the strong Sapphire Seer + Cosmic Flesh combo on 5 mana if Nimbus decided to be a lil shy that match)

The combos you want to looks out for are as followed:

  • Sapphire Seer/Sunsteel Defender + Cosmic Flesh
    A strong combo that utilizes the “Force Field” and “Provoke” effect to efficiently hinder the opponents movements and make strong trades without losing your provoke minion. Effective for protecting yourself against aggro decks that can’t efficiently remove Force Field minions and draw out the game long enough for your heavy hitters to wrap up the game. Alternatively, a good way to force out dispel/displacements/removal.

  • Double Pax into Inner Oasis as opening hand.
    The combo all players dread. This opening hand almost guarantee the early game for you unless you get slapped by plasma storm. This combo basically buffs up the 4 Iron Dervishes summoned from the 2 pax with Oasis to give you four 2/5 Dervishses on your second turn.

  • Falcius, Staff of Y’kir, and Sajj’s BBS.
    Now you might be wondering. Why Staff of Y’kir? and the asnwer is mainly to combo with Falcius and BBS; through various iterations I have concluded that Y’kir has the most combo potential with Falcius and Sajj’s BBS (mainly because how cheap it is). Preemptively equipping Y’kir to wait for turn 5 ironcilffe with BBS and Falcius in hand will usually mean a massive tempo swing for you.

  • Aymara and Nimbus
    Your only non-combo win conditions. Both are exceptionally sturdy and powerful threats that is meant to end the game or if not trade out for 2 or 3 cards. No need for much explanation here

  • Putting Pants on your minions.
    A MTG term that means to buff your minions. This mechanics allows you to always achieve a strong curve by technically increasing the “mana efficiency” of cards to fill out your turn. ie: turn 7 Nimbus + Second Wish/Cosmic Flesh or Turn 8 Aymara + Second Wish to fill out the late game.

The difficulty of this deck lies in your decision making. Do you drop the Sapphire Seer + Cosmic Flesh combo now on 5 mana turn or do you instead drop Sunsteel Defender + BBS an enemy so that your 6 mana turn is going to be cosmic flesh on the Defnder + some variety of 4 drops (ie sojourner + first fish to get your cards draw up).

Which brings me to the weaknesses of this deck. Besides it’s decision making requirements, this deck outright lose to ranged oriented (yes this mean it’ll have no way to deal with Z0r decks 99% of the time and Spell Songhai) since all of it’s removal are “melee” oriented or super aggro decks (due to the decks relatively average aggro power) these weak match-ups can be patched with the inclusion of card such as Crossbones in replacement of Sapphire Seer and Emerald Knight in place of Sunsteel, respectively depending on how the meta shifts. Spell Songhai is the worse match up since you have no ways to deal with the spells half the time and can just hope to out tempo the enemy. However, this deck boasts a decent win rate against Baconator Songhai with the caviete that the player needs to preemptively position his taunts and constantly mulligan for strong curves (not to mention praying that baconator songhai doesnt get the perfect hand).

Final Thoughts

In general, I put up this deck mainly because I feel that it’s very fun to play. It’s not necessarily as competitive as some of the top tier decks out there but it definitely feels rewarding to win with. It’s relatively cheap and offers a lot of “eductional” value for new players in terms of all the basics that is needed to do well with any deck. There is definitely space for improvement in this deck but I’m happy with the current iteration. I hope you enjoy Baetruvian and have as much fun as I did with it.



An absolute blast of a deck, as well as a very good write up.

Keep up the good work friend! <3


Even though I like the idea behind the force field minions combined with the cosmic flesh, I’d rather have something that’s actually reliable like krons, dioltas, shieldmasters. Especially during this period where everyone and their mother runs dispels. Sure that means aymaras and nimbuses might not be dispelled but it might not even be worth it considering the tempo loss.

Sorry to shit on your parade but vet is already great and this deck doesn’t seem to make it any greater. Props for trying to be original at least. Usually people just slam in triple aymaras, nimbuses and krons in the deck and be like “check my original vet deck fam”.


pun game too strong


If I only had 3 Nimbus…
Now I wanna play Vetruvian!


the 3 nimbus can be replaced with brightmoss as a placehoilder :smiley:


I have 1, will craft a 2nd and replace the 3rd.