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[Poll] Word-to-Card Contest Top 10 (November 2018)


Just fight, and the winner can post a replay of their victory as proof (I doubt any of us could tamper with a replay, so it should be fine).


@alplod, @victorious23, fight!

@darkjovo, @bostwick, fight!

If you fail to do so by the end of today, either I or my pal @discobot will decide who wins…


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Well, I give my place to @victorious23. We didn’t manage to duel due to having 9 hours timezone difference.


That is very kind of you, sir.

@victorious23, you are victorious!

@alplod, you are… also victorious, you just get 1 less orb!

But who will get the 3 orbs… @darkjovo or @bostwick?


Due to me being rather busy hosting another contest, irl projects, and being okay with a three orb loss, I also honorably commit seppuku and give @bostwick the third place decision. I’m sorry, but no duels will occur for this contest. Plunges a sword into his abdomen

“Forgive me, Anjo,” DarkJoVo says with his last dying breath.

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