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[Poll] Word-to-Card Contest Top 10 (November 2018)


If jury members can vote, though, they’ll just vote for one of the cards they nominate, which seems kind of like corruption rather than democracy…


I’m a simple man, I see jojo refference i like




If the jury is allowed to vote they should only be able to vote for cards from other jurors…in a small sample size this may distort the result, but I think it should be a choice to vote or to refuse to participate further. I will do the latter.

Gods and Eternals don’t have the need for cattle. Nobody really needs ant farms or aquariums…


Just out of curiosity, why is ritual of blood a minion?


I don’t know! The first time I posted it it was a spell. Then I edited it and it became a minion…


I guess the creator of the card #nonames wasn’t experienced enough with bagoum to change it to spell?

Errors are human… I have done worse things.



Looks like we have a tie for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, folks!

For 1st Place: @alplod VS @victorious23
For 2nd Place: @darkjovo VS @bostwick
For 3rd Place: A TOURNEY!

Round 1:
@niklaren VS @buyingcoats (winner is called Winner 1)
@halcyon98 VS @trulster (winner is called Winner 2)
@thematsjo VS @evveses2 (winner is called Winner 3)

Round 2:
Winner 1 VS Winner 2
Winner 2 VS Winner 3
Winner 3 VS Winner 1
(Whoever wins two games wins the tourney. If no one wins two games, then RNGesus shall decide the victor.)

Contestants, friend each other and fight with basic decks as soon™ as possible! The winner of each duel should post the replay here as proof of victory.

When this poll ends, if all duels are not fought, I will be the tiebreaker:

  • Tick tock
  • Taps foot on ground
  • Looks at watch
  • Winds clock forward
  • Checks phone every two seconds

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I concede


What the hell? I thought no one liked my card considering its never been mentioned.


@trulster It’s on.


Being curious: What are basic decks? Are they any decks composed only of basic cards, or are they the starter decks that the practice AI plays?


I assume starting decks provided by the game? Like the ones you unlock as you level up for each faction.


Also, what a chain of tie breakers! A truly explosive way to end this month’s contest!


I voted for you, you know. And now you gonna fite me?


Hey man you can always step down if you don’t wanna fight

Thanks for the vote


Tie! Tie! Tie! Tie! (So fite plz.)


Ummm guys I just realized my mistake. I still think the tourney should happen (just for fun), but… no one who tied for third place can possibly win a code. Whoever loses the first place battle will get second place, and whoever wins the second place battle will actually be getting third place. Sorry for the confusion.

For 1st Place/2nd Place: @alplod VS @victorious23
For 3rd Place: @darkjovo VS @bostwick

So we only have two duels to look forward to. HAVE NO MERCY!

Also, I’m not waiting five days anymore. You have until the end of the weekend. Good luck, contestants!

  • Nice clock.
  • After the DOOMsday Clock, I just can’t trust your clocks anymore.

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He’s right, you know.


So we just fight it out?
Do we need a referee or something? how is this going to work?