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[Poll] Word-to-Card Contest Top 10 (November 2018)


Here are this month’s jury nominations (remember, the word was temptation):





Vote for your favorite! (Jury members cannot vote and it is highly illegal to vote for your own card)

  • Starstrider’s Gambit
  • Indulge
  • Restless Siren
  • Demonic Bargain
  • Ritual of Blood
  • Opulent Confectioner
  • Inxikrah Caress
  • Crimson Phoenix Seal
  • Reptilian Replication
  • Sandshield Volatilization

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NOTE: If there is a tie by the end of voting (for 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd place), there will be a Trial by Combat between the tied contestants to decide the victor (a.k.a. a friendly match in Duelyst using only basic decks).


Why 1 vote only?


Now you really got my attention! Hope there’s a tie.


Last time there was almost an 8-way tie…


Highly illegal… as opposed to… a little bit illegal


Can someone tell me what’s going on? I can’t see the poll results without voting… :frowning:

I’m hoping we have 1 vote on each?


In order to favor democracy, Discourse took away our knowledge.


A tip - you can still revote after seeing the results.


But can you unvote?


No, you cannot.


I will have to wait 7 days
Oh boy… Havent felt this kind of suspense in a long time here


And one day after that… the confirmation of the end of Duelyst. :sob:


Well THAT suspense is killing me atm.



No worries. I got extra lives elsewhere.


Nice, I made it in. Vote for me.


Why cant the jury vote!?!? We’re people too!!!



Should jury members be able to vote?

  • Yes, they are people too
  • No, they are not people

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I follow your example, wise sir.

Is it possible that you are a fellow misanthrope?


Nah, philantrope through and through, i just understand the value of taking good care of my cattle.


Ah, but I am too. It is possible to hate humanity as a whole for the terrible things they do and still want to help the weakest and most repressed individuals.

What are you talking about?