[Poll] Who is best girl?


After patch 1.7.4, I decided to take competitive Duelyst a little less seriously and focus on the fun aspects of it, such as the lore and meme decks. As such, I was wondering who the community thinks is Best Girl in Duelyst.

  • Reva the tsundere character who has beaten you up on multiple occasions
  • Sajj the cold, emotionless robot
  • Zir’an she tries her best no matter how dire things look on the tier list
  • Lilith a relationship that lasts beyond death…
  • Cassyva looks 12 but is actually 400+
  • Faei she clawed her way up from the bottom
  • Kara she’s an independent woman who don’t need no rush cat
  • Spelljammer is she flirting with the enemy?
  • Aymara Healer always has your back when your life seems dire
  • Taygete makes you look like a wimp
  • L’Kian she will [not] push you off a tower
  • Crystal Wisp http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/651/571/357.jpg

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Anatomy of a Sajj
Best Girl poll MK II

ughhhh this is some creepy internet behavior


Crispy wispy is bae

Who would YOUR duelyst waifu be?

Why couldn’t keeper be an option? ;w; Don’t you appreciate her effort when she bring back a dead healing mystic? :sob:


Hey man!

Sajj is kuudere!

She might be an actual robot without the capacity to experience emotions…

But under that sandshield is the heart of a shining star! Burning with love!


Spellbae for life :heart_eyes:


Sajj, who as beatiful cooling her systems on an oasis as she is walkimg through the ashes of those who threaten her Imperium.

Also, Crystal Wisp is clearly in a (openly) secret relatioship with Sun Wisp.


So you’re telling me that some robot is better waifu than Taygete?

You disgust me.


why is sajj winning?


Why not Sajj?She is cool.


what?! don’t you remember how many times have you relied on the one, and only best grill in the game?

Healing Mystic


but crystal wisp is so sexy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So spelljammers cheats on everyone … totally disenchanting her now :rage:


Aymara man, its all about her, shes always there for you, you protect her from dispells and shell protect you from anything. Well, anything but Songhai but no on can protect you against Songhai.


I can NOT believe kelaino is not up there. the overly concerned girl who is always tending to your wounds every time reva beats you up. no appreciation for such a thankless task. but she understands you like other girls more so she will back down.


Sajj is my one and only. Under her sandshield lies a being so gracious, beautiful, and all-knowing that she hides it away in order to protect the ones that love her, and the ones she loves in turn.

She is our great savior. Pray to her, respect her, love her.


Why is crystal wisp not winning?


Isn’t sojourner a girl too?



I’m into great great great great great great great great great great great great grandmas.


Woah now, hold on there sonny, we have to at least have STANDARDS in this thread.