[POLL] Which sales model for cards do you prefer?


With the latest expansion CPG has opted for a different way than before on how the new cards are obtained.

For the Core set and the Shimzar expansion cards were acquired through orbs that contained 5 random cards with a certain rarity distribution and the possibility of getting duplicates (cards one already had 3 copies of).

For the latest Bloodborn expansion orbs contained 3 copies of one common, one rare and one either epic or legendary card without the possibility of getting duplicates and at a price that was 3x the cost of the Core/Shimzar orbs in gold (2x the price in real money). These cards could not be crafted or disenchanted. There was a discounted cash offer available for buying the entire set.

Which sales model do you prefer?

  • Shim’zar/Core Set sales model
  • Bloodborn sales model
  • Don’t care/Neutral

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Is the availability of a discounted cash option for buying the entire expansion set good or bad?

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Don’t care/Neutral

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Feel free to post why you voted a certain way. I hope this feedback will help CPG.

Expansion and/or Model POLL(s)

By “buy the whole set,” do you mean “Buy the whole expansion” or “Buy every card in the game?”

I think that it is okay for a small expansion like Bloodborn, but for a large one or the core set, something like this seems not too viable.


I think the bloodborn sales model works for small sets if not every new set is sold like that. Imagine if every card was sold like this. You would be unable to play any deck unless you have bot a ton of orbs or get very lucky, as you might just not pull the one card you need for the deck. Imagine trying to play Argeon without Holy Immolation or Ironcliffe, because you haven’t pulled those. On the flip side, the new set allows for more cards for less gold.

In summary, I think the best way to do it might to have it alternate between 1 big expansion, like Shim’zar, sold through normal packs, and 1 small expansion, distributed like Bloodborn.


I meant the expansion.


I loved Bloodborn. None of the stress of having missing cards, half full sets, my need for completion tearing me apart. It’s a pretty simple economic choice for most, and for F2P its still a totally viable option. It’s just super satisfying, though it probably wouldn’t work for bigger sets.


For small set like Bloodborn it’s ok, but for bigger options i think default model is better. Because you want to spend also your spirit. If one saved a lot of spirit he/she should able to craft IMHO. But this exapsion was very small, it wasn’t hard to buy


Although I do wish that CP would just give their players cards (oh wait they already do) we must take it from their perspective. No matter what you say about it, Duelyst at its core is a business and in any good business the owners must make money to continue pumping out good content. I like that CP is giving their players greater leeway with their spending options (especially since it’s the holiday season), but I’d rather have them not go bankrupt than come out with consecutive expansions that don’t provide them with the cash flow that they need to thrive. It’s as simple as that


I love the orbs from bloodborn, that is a great way to do things. However crafting should also be possible.


How do you know how that change in the way the new cards were distributed effected the cash flow? Maybe the Bloodborn way actually results in more players spending cash because the prices are more reasonable. The only party privy to that information is CPG themselves.

The poll was intended to reflect what players would prefer from their perspective and not what they think would be the best for CPG business wise which would be pretty much baseless speculation anyway.


Hmmmm, true. I was just basing it off of what I would do when presented with a scenario where it’s either get the cards with money or for sure get the cards with gold. Orbs before bloodborn weren’t exactly the most reliable thing and when given the chance to be guaranteed all expansion cards I’d like to just spend the gold (perhaps this was influenced by my immediate purchase of all 13 orbs due to my hoarding nature) So you’re right about my lack of proof regarding duelyst profit margin, but I don’t understand why you seem pissed about me presenting my opinion. I said what I thought and gave my reasoning for it. It just so happened that it included my misguided business beliefs.


I was not pissed. Sorry if something I said made you think I was. :smiley:

I just wanted to offer a different perspective on what you said and clarify what the goal of this poll was.


Oh, glad to know I didn’t spoil the forum then :grin:


Definitely Bloodborn. If every next expansion is like this I can just slam 20 bucks out of my pocket to buy it, it’s not that much. And overall I just prefer it, I don’t get pesky extras and it’s easier for new players and veterans as well.


I think each set (set size) can have its own model, that would be my preference.


I think the blood borne sales model is perfect for smaller sized expansions while the shimzar is better for expansions with a lot of cards


Interesting. Is that only because one could not craft/disenchant cards for the Bloodborn set or are there other factors for you?


Personally I think it should alternate between small expansions sold like this, and larger ones sold like shimzar/core. Doing a large expansion like this would be a little unfun for F2P mainly because you cannot craft or disenchante the key cards you need for your deck to be viable.


Yeah. I can see how being able to craft these cards would seem convenient for players who want to play a certain deck on day 1 but have limited gold for orbs. On the other hand economically it does not seem to make much sense to craft them since one is guaranteed to open them eventually anyway.

Personally I look at it this way: With both sales models crafting cards on day 1 is not economical since you might open the card you crafted later. As a F2P you have to be frugal with your resources so it pays off to be patient. With the Core/Shimzar sales model I have a certain chance to get rewarded for my patience while with the Bloodborn sales model I am guaranteed to be rewarded eventually which makes it much easier for me to be patient. Does that make sense?


The new packs are nice but as a F2P casual player it makes it very difficult to get cards I’ll actually use.

As F2P my number of highly competitive decks is very limited, why buy a pack with 3 cards I probably won’t use in my deck when i could buy 3 core set packs, and use any spirit I get from dupes or bad cads to craft what I need.

That being said, I do like how you receive 3x of the card and can’t get dupes from packs. Pretty fun.


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