Poll: Which grandmaster is the best?


Put why in a post down below.

  • Vetruvian
  • Lyonar
  • Songhai
  • Vanar
  • Abyssian

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Grandmaster Entropic Gaze


Zendo is a slow burn spell or a positioning masterpiece.

The turn he comes out, he does 4 damage. If he sticks, that number jumps to 12, assuming he isn’t buffed. This, while taking pressure off the Songhai player nearly guarantees a win. Nice to note as well that he hits through Concealing Shroud.

As for positioning, if you’re playing a deck that takes advantage of ranged effects like mine, you can use Zendo to lead the opposing general away or stop their approach. Even in a corner, you can use the opposing general to bodyblock their own minions. It’s quite the sight to see.


Variax is probably best in terms of power. Its pretty much the late game winning machine as it puts the timer on your opponent to win asap or get overwhelmed.

If its in terms of design then I’ll say Zendo, even though I don’t like Songhai. Its a simple ability but one that is devastating to play against if you don’t have an answer. Also pretty funny as well.


All hail Grandmaster Decimus!

In terms of visuals, Variax. Ability design, Zendo. Power, Variax. Fun factor, Embla.

I love Z’ir, one of my favorite cards, but he’s just so hard to play. I give him the cool factor.

Edit: Completely forgot about Nosh. I love all of these dudes


Grandmaster Sm0rc I would say


When i thought about which grandmaster would be an auto include as a finisher if placed in any faction i chose Nosh-Rak. Magmar would love him, Songhai would love him, Lyonar would love him and oh whats the other faction called? Oh yeah Faie would love him too


Variax is the strongest but Zendo is too cool and still pretty powerfull, its def my fav. Zir and Nosh rak have pretty interesting effects. Embla is meh


I love it when the front page has the grandmaster variax thread under this one… it’s like the forum itself is answering the question


what is grandmaster embla? is it …edible? :frowning:


In terms of power and utility, definitely Nosh-Rak.
But contextual to fitting into an already well developed shell, Variax.


Definitely the Magmar one. He’s so powerful in its absence.


oh god i laughed so hard, amazing first comment.


Nosh-shrek. The combo potential makes it fit into basically any vet deck.


Excuse me? You forgot the bestest one, Neutral grandmaster gajj. How could you forget to include the 2 health take damage from no one in your poll?


wait what? Quartermaster Gauj?


He will always be a grandmaster in my heart


please make a deck with him, i’ve always wanted gauj deck. :frowning:


Are you talking about Power, Design, Art, or Personal Enjoyment?

In terms of power, I would easily go with Nosh-Rak. He makes it so that, past seven mana, your opponent must account for the fact that you can double your damage at any time. Even small things, like Obelisks, Falcius, or Kitty litter dervish, can threaten a ton of damage

In terms of Creativity, I would go with Variax. This minion single-handedly made a new archetype pop up in the meta; ramp Abyssian. This minion is unique in that removal does not work against it. Unlike other lategame minions with no immediate effect, this minion does not die to removal.

In terms of personal preference, I would go with Zendo. He’s just the right blend of powerful and memetic. So many abilities, from dealing double damage, to preventing damage to your general, to dealing direct damage, to messing up positioning are summed up perfectly by his description. Like Variax, Zendo spawned his own deck archetype. However, his deck’s win condition is interesting, rather than “draw the card, ramp and then spam the button” like Variax.

In terms of art, it is difficult to decide. All of the grandmasters look amazing, almost as good as the general designs, and in some cases, better. However, If I was forced to choose, I would go with Embla. Unlike the others, her design is more simplistic, without features jutting out everywhere, while also being menacing, and having the same Grandmaster “feel.”

Sorry Grandmaster Zir, while you may be the original Grandmaster, you just loose to all the others in terms of everything. They are all more playable, and more cool looking than you. At least you win in terms of cat.


Rak is probably strongest in a vacuum, but I think his ability was specifically given to the faction with one of the lowest out-of-hand damage capabilities to ensure that it wouldn’t be abused as much.