[Poll] What General for your Mechaz0r! ? 🤖


There are a lot of threads to whine about mechaz0r, to get advices to deal versus Mech decks, but I couldn’t find any recent thread dedicated to build a Mech deck post Shimzar.

What is the best General to build a Mechaz0r deck ? Which faction offers the best synergies, buffs and stuff ?

  • Abyssian/Cassy
  • Abyssian/Lilithe
  • Lyonar/Argeon
  • Lyonar/Ziran
  • Magmar/Starhorn
  • Magmar/Vaath
  • Songhai/Kaleos
  • Songhai/Reva
  • Vanar/Faie
  • Vanar/Kara
  • Vetruvian/Sajj
  • Vetruvian/Zirix

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After casting your vote, free to explain your choice or provide deck builds.

I’m not voting myself because I’m still hesitating, after testing almost all faction, I still can’t make my mind, hence the poll.


Kara is pretty strong with Mechs. Her BBS helps with the sub-par stats of most Mech minions.
Wings + Snow Chaser is also a great T1 opener and a real PITA to deal with.

Nowayitsj’s build and comment:

[quote]My Kara deck I just recently made, and it’s insanely broken right now. I thought
mech decks were bad currently, and they basically are, but this deck is a
whole other type. It plays almost exactly like normal Kara but with
the chance to auto win for no reason with crazy mech hands. Ontop of
this, wings+snow chaser is another auto win turn 1, and the scariest
part is it’s a 3 phase deck.

If you somehow deal with the 100s of broken auto win openers this
deck has, then somehow deal with mech, you still need to be able to
somehow survive Kara tigers. I originally made the deck when I was
helping a friend out with Kara mech. He had a really sloppy spell-heavy
version, and I thought that was a poor way to go at Kara, so I tested a
very spell-less deck for him and it turned out to be imo the best deck
in the game. I brought it since it was still a big surprise to players
since they aren’t used to mech yet, especially this type of mech Kara.[/quote]

Faie with Pandora/Nemesis + BBS as an alternate win-con might also work decently.

Pre-Shim’Zar I used to play a Mech Zirix deck with some success but it’s probably outdated by now.