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Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 20: A Journey Ends]


If there’s anything DnD has taught me, you loot EVERYTHING




“Did I ever tell you about BOULDER PASS?

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We need a Battlerite and Duelyst skin of this. :pray:




I have no patience, just like Wanderer. I’m closing this poll 9 hours early… no one was going to sway the outcome anyway.



Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 20: A Journey Ends]

Chapter 20: A Journey Ends

Status: [9/3]

You rifle through the monk’s large pockets, hoping to get some compensation for all the time you just wasted talking to him. All you find are four little metal seals covered with red ink. Each has the emblem of a different animal engraved in it: tiger, bear, cobra, and dragon. You have heard of these seals before – supposedly, applying them to your skin grants fantastic powers.

“I bet these pious fools never tried to make a tiger bear cobra dragon warrior…” you muse. “I could be the most powerful being on Mythron! And even if they do nothing, I’ll have some cool temporary tattoos…” With that, you press the first seal – the one with a tiger on it – onto your arm.

A surge of energy flows through you, and you can feel sharp blades sprouting from your back. Your fingernails elongate into razor-sharp claws.

Status: [12/3]

“Ha-HA!” you shout, intoxicated with your newfound strength. “Let’s get some more o’ that!” You stamp your arm with the bear seal.

You feel as if you are being ripped apart, atom by atom, and reassembled. You screech in pain, but it only comes out as a pitiful squeak. You let go of your weapons, and they clatter to the ground. And suddenly, your eye level is not half of what it used to be. The seal shrunk you… into a worthless Panddo!

Status: [0/2], Too Cute (Cannot be attacked)

“No, no, NO!” you scream in a ridiculously high-pitched voice. “C’mon, even a cobra would be better than this!” You fumble for the cobra seal with the small furry paws that are your new hands, and press it against your arm.

Unfortunately, you don’t transform into a cobra, but you can feel venomous power infusing your body, and acrid smoke rises from your fingertips.

Status: [0/2], Too Cute, Deathtouch (Figure it out)

Now there is only one seal left – the one with a dragon’s head engraved in it. You stamp yourself with it, hoping against hope that you will become a fearsome Emberwyrm, or a Young Flamewing, or anything but a Panddo.

No such luck. But you can feel yourself getting stronger and healthier…

Status: [1/3], Too Cute, Deathtouch

… and suddenly you are standing on the edge of a stone pillar higher than any mountain you have ever climbed. You gaze out over a sea of verdant jungle that stretches to the horizon, and down to see a pit filled with lava far, far below. The terraced slopes surrounding the pit are carpeted with trees. This can be none other than the Slithar Crater.

You turn around, and there it is.

The Golden Chrysalis.

It towers above your diminutive Panddo body, the gleaming egg you have been chasing for what seems like your whole life (though it’s only been twenty chapters). The final destination of the famous Mythron Wanderer. You reach out and run your hand down its pulsing, gelatinous outer layer, feeling the living being inside…

… die. The Chrysalis shrivels up at your touch, collapses in on itself, and dissolves into nothingness.

For hours, you stare blankly at the place where the Golden Chrysalis was, unable to believe that it is gone.

Then you turn around and step off the edge of the pillar.

Status: [0/-97], Too Cute, Deathtouch


:wink: Let’s discuss!

Which story did you like better?

  • Into the Abyss
  • The Golden Omelette
  • I only read this one

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Who was your favorite character (other than Wanderer)?

  • The God of Mirages
  • Rasha’s ghost
  • Cho
  • The Whistling Blade
  • The proprietor of Jade Garden
  • The Reborn
  • The older guard
  • Watashi o Koroshite
  • The Chakri Avatar

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Are you enraged that there were no lizards after all (sorry @alexx55)?

  • Yes
  • No

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Did you like the real ending?

  • Yes
  • No

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Which faction do you want the next Poll-Venture to focus on (#1 covered Abyssian and #2 covered Vetruvian and Songhai)?

  • Magmar
  • Vanar
  • Lyonar

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Do you like omelettes?

  • Yes
  • No

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Tell me what your favorite part of the story was in the comments!

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Reasoning For My Responses (not that anyone cares):

  1. Wanderer died.
  2. Who but Bakkri Avatar?
  3. Lizards are dumb.
  4. Wanderer died.
  5. Lizards are cool.
  6. Omelettes are inferior to egg sandwiches.
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I feel we should have died back when Watashi backstabbed us due to another thunderbomb -3-



But… you died from the backstab…



She backstabbed us when we revived didn’t she?



Ah… but you are thinking about it the wrong way. The card is based off the story, not the other way around. It makes no sense that the bombs that already went off could explode again!



I was expecting for you to travel there, just to meet vaath and get ORAORAORA’d to death


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