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Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 20: A Journey Ends]


Genius. But now you’re reading too much into it.




Common bruh, it’s not like she chose her name, her parents did. Granted, that’s a pretty big dick move, but I’m not stabbing her for the same reason I won’t kick someone with a “Kick me” sign on their back.



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Chapter 16: Valar Morghulis

Status: [3/3], Lefty

Before you enter the Chakri Monastery, there is one thing you must do first… get rid of that annoying parasite Watashi. High up in the Saberspine Mountains like this, no one will ever be the wiser to the cause of her demise. So you fall back a bit so you are behind Watashi, then heft your spear and stab her with it (for the same reason that you would kick someone with a “kick me” sign on their back).

Unfortunately, it is not enough to kill her. But when Watashi whips around and spears you (through the back, mysteriously), it is more than enough to kill you.

Status: [3/-1], Lefty


What was that about plot armor? :sunglasses:

Oh, yeah. We still have it. :wink:

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I’ve been waiting for Wanderer to die for at least 15 chapters.



Oops, forgot the poll. Did you like the ending?

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  • No

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Should have died from two lost in the deserts back in chapter one.



Also for anyone that doesn’t know Japanese and is too lazy to open up google translate, her name is 私 を 殺して which translates to ‘kill me’.



Also also, shouldn’t we be at 3/0???

Secret ending confirmed




Watashi should be dead from out thunderbomb, since whenever she backstabs both players cast thunderbomb which she did. We did injure her so the bomb that should have spawned from the backstab should have finished her off, and us if we somehow survived,

But she isn’t infiltrated? WRONG

Look it at it in these ways-

  1. Watashi is an enemy of the current Songhai ruler, and since she is an enemy in Songhai territory? Infiltrated

  2. watashi isn’t an enemy of Songhai but lore wise t he Chakri monastery is neutral and possibly the sabrespine mountains, due to them being on the edge of the map and farm from other Songhai locations, other then the monastery. Infiltrated

  3. We are on a deulyst battle map, watashi is beside us, but we are facing the same direction, heading to the monastery, we fall behind to stab her, becoming an enemy unit essentially and in the game enemy units face the opposite direction to the enemy. So if watashi were to stab us in the back she wouldnt need to go around since our back is to her, she’s essentially just counterattacking us with a backstab bonus. But wait, if our person is now an enemy of Watashi, the place were we would be would be our side of the board. So if Watashi is backstab counterattacking on our side of the board, she is inflitrated!



Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 17: But Wait, There's More!]

Chapter 17: But Wait… There’s More!

Status: [3/-1], Lefty

There is an abyss.

There is no light.

There is no time.

Darkness is eternity.

Until there is a phoenix.

It spins upward in a circle.

It spreads its wings.

There is a column of flame.

The eternal darkness is consumed.

You wake up.

Status: [7/7]

You are standing, wide awake, at the foot of the tallest Saberspine Mountain – the one with the Chakri Monastery at its peak. You are utterly bewildered. Shouldn’t you be at the top of the mountain, not the bottom? Weren’t you just about to teleport to the Slithar Crater?

Then the memories come flooding back. You stabbed Watashi to stop her from stealing the Golden Chrysalis from you, and then she… killed you. Didn’t she? But if she really killed you, then why aren’t you dead?

You look down at your hands, and are surprised to find that you have both of them again (one is even holding your old staff). And your body is no longer weak and twisted – you are the great Mythron Wanderer once more! Even your much-beloved Trial is back! You raise your arms to the heavens and praise the Sun for this glorious gift of rebirth.

Unexpectedly, a spearhead sprouts from your chest.

Status: [7/3]

But you are too happy at being back to your old self to feel the pain. “That was rude,” you say, and spin around with your staff whirling. It cracks into the head of Watashi o Koroshite with the full force of your now-formidable arm behind it. She crumples to the ground, dead.

You stare down at her corpse for a couple of seconds and then pull the spear out of yourself. It might come in handy to have an extra weapon.

Status: [9/3]

You begin your slow climb back up Mount Saberspine Alpha.

Half a day later, and halfway up the brutal slope of Mount Alpha, you spot another traveler following the trail a short distance ahead of you. You decide that having someone to talk to would speed up the arduous journey to the top of the mountain, so you sprint to catch up with the lone figure. The person turns around upon hearing your footfalls, and for a second you cannot believe your eyes.

For he is wearing the uniform of an Imperial Guard, and holds a spear in his hand identical to the one in yours. And his face… his face is the face of the older guard whom Watashi murdered to help you escape the Imperial Palace.

  • Try to make peace with him
  • Kill him again
  • Pledge your eternal servitude to him
  • Run down the mountain as fast as you can

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Who saw it coming?

  • Your intentions were as clear as crystal.
  • I sure didn’t!
  • I didn’t, but I’ll say I did to seem smart… oh wait.

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You have too much free time. Too. Much.



Death is a valid story ending, why did you have to continue?
Pet peeve of mine.

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Of course it is. The last story ended with death, didn’t it?

I never intended that chapter to be the last. And there is still a very good chance that this story will end in death. Just you wait.

Really? You wanted Sherlock to die?

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Wanderer’s nerf and then death was too good to be true.

You are a sick person for taking that joy away from me.






15 characters

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Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 18: A Leap of Faith]

Chapter 18: A Leap of Faith

Status: [9/3]

You don’t know how the guard came back to life (or how you came back to life, for that matter), but he is a traitor to the Songhai Empire, and deserves death. You yell an incoherent war cry and stab forward with your spear. The guard jumps backwards to avoid the lunge… right off the edge of the mountain. You watch impassively as he careens off the shear stone slope and tumbles to his certain demise hundreds of meters below you. Then you continue following the trail up Mount Alpha.

By nightfall you reach the top of the mountain. You are exhausted, and decide to sleep outside the Chakri Monastery until one of the monks lets you in.

Hours later, you wake up to find a man sitting cross-legged on the ground right in front of you. He is shirtless, with red skin, spiky white hair, and baggy black pants. You recognize him as a Chakri Avatar.

“Hello,” you say. “Could you possibly teleport me to the Slithar Crater?”

The Avatar says nothing.

“Um… please?”

The monk sits motionless, a glazed look in his eyes. You stand up and wave a hand in front of his face. He does not react.

“HEY!” you yell, straight into his ear.

Still nothing. Clearly, you are going to have to resort to more drastic measures.

  • Punch him in the face
  • Stab him in the face
  • Push him down the mountain
  • Burn down the monastery
  • Commit seppuku
  • Sit and meditate with him

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Everyone, listen up! We must choose to commit seppuku! We must regain the rightful ending to this story! Kill the wanderer!



Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 19: Patience]

Chapter 19: Patience

Status: [9/3]

Usually, your first reaction to a vexing situation is to kill the person who is annoying you. But this time, you feel that it would be more prudent to take a different approach. This Chakri Avatar is clearly testing your patience… and you’re going to give him a run for his mana. So you sit down directly in front of him, cross-legged, and close your eyes, prepared to wait for as long as it takes.

“At last,” says a husky voice. Your eyes snap open, but the monk’s face is just as impassive as before. His unseeing eyes seem to stare straight through you, and he is silent. Wondering if you are going mad, you close your eyes again.

“At last,” the voice repeats, “we are capable of communion.”

Resisting the urge to peek at the Avatar, you say, “So… you only talk to people who can’t see you?”

“It is so,” the monk intones gravely. “In our faith, it is the deadliest of sins to behold moving lips.”

“That’s… interesting,” you respond, suppressing your laughter with an effort. “But don’t you see my lips moving right now?”

“It is not so,” the Avatar says. “My gaze travels far and wide, and seldom lands upon that which surrounds my mortal form.”

“Err… as you say. Is it so that you can teleport me to the Slithar Crater?”

“It is so.”

“And, ah… will you teleport me to the Slithar Crater?”

“That depends.”

You are starting to regret not knocking this annoying monk down the mountain, but you force yourself to stay calm and ask, “What does it depend on?”

In what is probably a bid to test your self-restraint even further, the Avatar ignores your question and changes the subject. “Do you know why it is that you live?”

“No, I don’t,” you respond, curiosity temporarily overriding your impatience. “Do you?”

“It is so.” For a second, you think that he will just leave it at that, but then he continues speaking. “Using our divine powers, the Avatars of the Chakri Monastery discovered the plot to destroy Xaan and every living being within it. This was an unthinkable sin, so we formulated a counter-plot. We invoked Zurael, the Lifegiver, after Xaan had been reduced to ashes, and from his flames the city was reborn. Naturally, the dead citizens were resummoned from the grave at random locations around Xenkai, but we thought a long walk was infinitely preferable to an eternal slumber. Was that not so?”

“Oh, it was so, all right!” you exclaim. “You have my thanks. I guess the Phoenix Fighters got a more literal phoenix – and rebirth of Xaan – than they expected, eh? But… what about the Abyssian invanders that were in the city? Were they resurrected too?”

“It is not so. They were considered sinful enemies of the Lifegiver, while all others were considered worthy of restoration.”

“So what happened to Kaleos?”

“Kaleos Xaan died long ago, in the Torture Caverns of Shar. The Reborn was not reborn again.”

“Well, that’s good. Now, about bringing me to the Slithar Crater…?”

The monk says nothing. Apparently, he does not take social cues.

You try again. “Will you teleport me to the Slithar Crater?”

“That depends.”

Your face contorts in rage (though you keep your eyes closed), and through clenched teeth you manage to get out: “On what?”

There is a pause, and then the Avatar says, “Did I ever tell you about Boulder Pass?”

Your patience has expired.

You open your eyes and stab the Chakri Avatar through the heart with your spear. His eyes focus on you for the first time, and they are filled with terror as you say, “How do ya like these lips?” Then he dies.

  • Loot the body
  • Eat the body
  • Enter the monastery and threaten the remaining monks into teleporting you to the Slithar Crater

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