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Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 20: A Journey Ends]


You are very welcome, sir!

And you have my sincere gratitude for participating in this RPG (that goes for everyone else here, too).


Remember kids, violence is always the answer!


I feel violated


Goddamn it is this a choices matter thing or a Telltale choices matter thing


What happened to kaleos?


He got exposed for being a furry.


He got turned into this:


You got a tiny detail wrong, he’s like this


If you wonder, you can read previous poll venture, it will answer lots of questions…


I wonder, do you mean to say wander or wonder? Both would work, but would have slightly different messages.


I wonder if Wanderer wanders :rofl:


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 9: An Epic Duel]

Chapter 9: An Epic Duel

Status: [1/1]

You gaze deep into the Panddo’s eyes, searching for the truth in his words. He glances away. It is the perfect opportunity to smash him in the face with your fist.

The Panddo crumples to the ground, whimpering and holding his hands above his head.

“Please!” he cries. “I saved you from Rasha’s clutches! What have I done to deserve this?”

“You cravenly cur!” you shout, driving your boot into the Panddo’s ribs for emphasis. “Tell me the truth or you die! What do you want with me?”

The Panddo cringes away from you pathetically. “I… I told you. You are the only one who can save the Songhai Empire…”

“HOW?!” you scream, and lift up the squirming Panddo by the collar of his ornate robes. When he doesn’t respond, you toss him to the ground in disgust, then pick up the staff that he had dropped.

Status: [4/1], Furry Aura (In the heat of battle, your enemies have a chance to turn into 0/2 Panddos that cannot be attacked)

“You aren’t worthy to wield this. But maybe it will help you reconsider…” You raise the staff over your head menacingly, as if ready to deliver the finishing blow.

“I yield! I yield!” the Panddo cries, watering the rice field with his tears. “I’ll tell you the truth…”

“Get on with it, then,” you respond harshly. “I don’t have all day.”

“I… I was ordered to bring to Xaan… by… by…” The Panddo’s voice breaks, and he starts weeping anew.

“BY WHO?!” The end of your new staff flares with green flame, somehow responding to your rage.

“By… by Kaleos! He was always a… a good friend…”

“He’s a zombie now, you imbecile! Why would you listen to him?”

“He… he offered to let me live… he was very… kind… all I had to do was… was… bring you to him.”

“Why me?”

The Panddo lets out a long sigh and seems to pull himself together. “He… he’s making some kind of… spell, or concoction, or something. I don’t know the details. But he requires rare ingredients for it – an oak from the Nemeton, a notion about the mysterious Starless Eternity, a furnace that burns hatred, a grand strategy, an ebon ox, the death of an immortal, and… and a wanderer of Mythron.” He lets that sink in, then says, weakly: “I’m sorry. I just wanted to live. They murdered my family! Surely you can… understand?”

“I don’t understand,” you say softly. “And don’t call me Shirley!” Your staff flashes with turquoise fire as you lift it above your head once more.

  • Finish him, then go to the Chakri Monastery
  • Finish him, then go to Xaan on your own terms
  • Spare him, then go to the Chakri Monastery
  • Spare him, then go to Xaan on your own terms

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He doesn’t deserve life. End his suffering. :smiling_imp:


Bonus points for Airplane!


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 10: Whistling Blades]

Chapter 10: Whistling Blades

Status: [4/1], Furry Aura

You slam your staff into the ground an inch from the Panddo’s face. Your feelings towards the wretch are mixed – part pity, part disgust, part anger – but you cannot feel hatred. This miserable creature does not deserve to die; the one who sent him to you does. You must hunt down the monster that once was called Kaleos Xaan.

“Your life is mine now,” you tell the Panddo, who is still cowering on the ground. “Get up. We’re going to Xaan.”

After what feels like an eternity of walking through the endless rice fields of Khara’kum, you finally spot a forest on the outskirts of the plantation. Without your new guide – the Panddo, whose name is apparently Cho – you reckon that your chances of getting out of this field would have been about the same as winning a duel with a Swamp Entangler.

“Those woods… are they the Whistling Blades?” you ask Cho.

“Yes. A dark place, and dangerous,” he responds. “It would be best if we could teleport right past it… but after so recently saving you from Rasha’s Tomb, the effort of a second teleportation would kill me.”

Tempting, tempting… you muse. But no. This Panddo is not your true foe, and he may be useful to you yet. “Do you know the quickest way through the forest?”

“I do… follow me.” It is then that you have a startling realization. On your approach to the Whistling Blades, you had attributed the bluish hue of the far-off trees to the gathering dusk, but now that you are closer, you can see that the foliage really is blue. Above the oddly-colored trees, the Saberspine Mountains loom huge and mist-wreathed in the distance.

Cho leads you under the azure canopy. You walk through the woods for hours, following a shallow stream which Cho says will lead you out of the Whistling Blades and into the Jade Gardens. Jagged walls of rock rise up above you to either side, occasionally pulsing with an eerie red light. Soon™ dusk turns to night, and the forest is flooded with shadow. Everything is a shade of blue, dark blue, darker blue, or darkest blue.

“We should make camp for the night,” Cho says, exhaustion evident in his voice.

“The Mythron Wanderer does not ‘camp for the night,’” you respond, stifling a yawn. “I will never rest until I have obtained the Golden Chrysalis!” With that you stumble over a root, and are asleep before you hit the ground.

When you wake up, the Sun’s blessing is upon you yet again. You get to your feet groggily and notice Cho over by the stream, so you wander over to him.

“We’d better get going,” you mumble, then splash your face with cold water to wash some of the sleep out of your eyes…

… and when you open them again, you see this:


  • Run away
  • Stand and fight
  • Try to reason with it
  • Offer it Cho as a sacrifice

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Next Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 10: Whistling Blades]


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: he doesn’t deserve to live!


Also, is the Panddo Eternity Painter or Lorewalker Cho? @anjosustrakr


What do you think? :thinking:



A 4/1 against a 2/15? What could go wrong?


Wait till Ragnora makes a cameo and plasma storms everyone to death.