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Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 20: A Journey Ends]


She covered up i see.

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The saddest nerf in dooli history



Clothes too op plz nerf.



Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 7: Madness++]

Chapter 7: Madness++

Status: [1/1]

“Scioness Sajj,” you answer, all traces of confidence gone from your voice forever.

INCORRECT! Rasha screeches in joy. The answer is Faie Bloodwing, because her name contains the most letters of the word “fair” out of all the Generals! You just don’t have the mind for this, do you? Hehehehehehe! Ready for another spin of the WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE, folks? Without waiting for an answer, Rasha waves his hand, sending the sinister iron disk spinning yet again.

This time, you are too exhausted to watch. You have no reason to live anymore. Your Trial is gone, and you have been reduced to a pitiful fool. So when the wheel stops spinning, you don’t really care what it lands on. But Rasha tells you anyway.

Oh-ho! Our contestant landed between “Your soul shall suffer” and “You can only eat anchovies for the rest of your life.” And he landed on… “You will be freed immediately!” The broad grin on Rasha’s spectral visage is suddenly wiped away as he realizes what he just read. His rasping voice rises in fury. Wait, what! That isn’t supposed to be –

You don’t hear the rest of what Rasha says, because you are no longer in his tomb. You are standing in the middle of a peaceful rice field under a bright blue sky… and you aren’t even the least bit surprised. Too many strange things have happened to you today for anything to shock you anymore.

A plump Panddo is standing in front of you. He is wearing a red cloak with yellow dragons emblazoned in it, and holds a long wooden staff over his shoulder. With his other hand, he holds out a cup filled with a clear liquid towards you.


  • Drink
  • Take the cup and splash the liquid in his face
  • Challenge him to a staff duel
  • Run away from the madness that has engulfed the world

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Please, don’t harm the cute Panndo if you still have something pure left in your souls… Or you will be eternally painted :slight_smile:



You’re half dead, the Panddo is more likely to kill you by talking too loudly than anything



Fight him, so you can become a 1/3 Panddo



wow anjo is getting better at these



Rasha is now officially my favourite character.



Come on… This is just dumb. Put in some more effort next time. :facepalm: Just kidding. Not really.



The “board” grin?

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Just because your obvious theory was wrong doesn’t mean the true answer is dumb. It just means you aren’t mad genius enough to square off against Rasha.


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“Rasha, you’re a mad genius.”

-Avatar Aang

Also, it’s really dumb.

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“You have slain something so pure that from the moment the blood touches your hands, you will have a half-life. A cursed life.” - Firenze, The Sorcerer’s Stone



Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 7: Madness++]

Chapter 8: Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Status: [1/1]

You don’t care if the water is poisoned. It is still water, and you are dying of dehydration. So you snatch the cup out of the Panddo’s hand and drink it down in a single gulp.

“Thank you,” you croak. “Where am I?”

“We are on the edge of the great rice plantation of Khara’kum. It grows rice enough to feed the entire continent. It is also the closest part of Xenkai to the Akram desert… my teleportation magic has a limited range, so I had to come here to save you.”

“And why did you save me?” you ask.

“Because you are the only one who can save us,” the Panddo responds gravely. “When Kaleos Xaan came back from the Torture Caverns of Shar, he was forever changed. He let the Abyssian filth into Xenkai, and they now have complete control the Songhai Empire. Any who do not sell their souls to the Abyssian are being publicly executed in the streets. Please, great Mythron Wanderer, you are our only hope!”

“I am no longer the Mythron Wanderer,” you say dejectedly. “I am just a laughingstock now. How could I possibly take down The Reborn and his demon legions?”

The Panddo cannot seem to meet your eyes. “It… ah… well… you see… I’ll brief you on the way to Xaan. We must get moving immediately if we are to make in time for the… ah, plan to work.”

Your eyes narrow in suspicion. There is something going on here that you can’t quite grasp. You don’t think the Panddo means you harm – he saved you from death at Rasha’s hand, after all – but still…

“What’s in it for me?” you demand. “I don’t work for free.”

“Oh… I had thought… I saved your life, is that not enough?” You notice that the Panddo is sweating profusely.

“No, it is not enough.”

The Panddo draws (or should it be “paints”?) himself up and says: “Very well. If you succeed in taking down The Reborn, I will make you the Mythron Wanderer yet again. You shall have your Trial back, and your strength. I will also personally escort you to the Chakri Monastery, and from there you will be able to teleport to anywhere on Mythron. Do we have a deal?”

  • Accept the quest
  • Turn down the quest and go to the Chakri Monastery directly
  • Knock the lying Panddo’s block off

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Come on, Darth Kaleos is okay. Why do we have to mess with the boy?



You planned this all along!

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Planned… what?

Correct answer: Everything :wink:

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It’s Eternity Painter! He’s going to turn Wanderer into a Panddo! He must die!



Pando is still better in stats and abilities. At least it can’t be attacked, so we’ll probably survive even if we do something stupid.

But there should be an option to ask for healing immediately.

Also, @anjosustrakr, I love the story, you have my sincere gratitude. It’s been a time since I was this involved in an RPG.