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Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 20: A Journey Ends]


Welcome, folks, to the second Poll-Venture! The rules are simple: I write a chapter, you choose what happens next, and repeat until the character dies or an ending is reached! Have fun! :wink:

Chapter 1: A Journey Begins

Status: [7/7]

You have wandered the land for as long as you can remember. You have been everywhere, seen everything, done everything… with one exception. Before you can stop traveling – put down your staff, take off your cloak, sit down in a hover-rocker and rest for the first time in eons – you must complete this final trial. No, it’s not to have no duplicates in your deck; you’ve completed that one many a time. This trial is far more challenging. You must go where no mortal has ever been and returned to tell the tale: the Slithar Crater, hidden deep in the jungles of wild Magaari. In the center of that crater is a pillar of floating stone said to be so high that it scrapes the heavens. And if you reach the top alive…

… the legendary Golden Chrysalis awaits you!

Supposedly, the Golden Chrysalis holds the remains of the last Queen Mother of the Magmar, but you (and many others) suspect that that story is merely a cover-up to ward off treasure hunters. What better way to protect a priceless living relic than to spread the lie that it contains a decaying corpse? And you have better sources for your opinion than mere conjecture – many ancient manuscripts (some of which you have have studied yourself during your travels) corroborate a very different theory of what the Golden Chrysalis truly is:

Due to the unclear wording of Counterplay the sources, no one knows what exactly will hatch from the Golden Chrysalis, though many historians have theorized it to be something extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear. You intend to be the first to know the truth. And if you can’t get it to hatch, well… a Golden Omelette would be just as satisfying.

There is only one… complication. You are currently in Kaero, the capital of Akram, and the Slithar Crater is half a world away. Not that it’s something you haven’t done before – you have wandered across the entirety (almost) of Mythron, after all – but it still poses an interesting question: which path to take?

You could go North, to the Chakri Monastery in Xenkai, where it is said the monks can teleport travelers anywhere on Mythron’s surface… though the Songhai Empire is currently ruled by The Reborn, an undead puppet of the Abyssian Host, and the journey could be more dangerous than usual. (blue arrow)

After what happened to Kaleos Xaan in Shar, you dare not even sail past the shore of Styxus, but you could go a roundabout path through Celandine, the home of the Lyonar Kingdoms. (green arrow)

Alternatively, you could take either of two routes around the Monolith of Aestaria, which would be the most direct path to Magaari but also the least adventurous. You have found that sometimes the journey is worth more than the destination. (red and pink arrows)

Or you could just wander off into the desert in the wrong direction and hope that you magically make it to Magaari instead of dying from dehydration. (yellow arrow)


  • Blue arrow
  • Green arrow
  • Red arrow
  • Pink arrow
  • Yellow arrow

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Golden Chrysalis Card Design Contest

Yay! I love these.


Here we go again.


Forwards to Vetruvian land!


This is the shitpost you do best my friend.


Pink one means we meet a lotta vanars


Green so we have the longest poll venture possible


Guys, why yellow arrow, it could be an interesting journey :sob:


Ya know what, Blue arrow all the way


Yellow is to the sand, gotta love the sand. Also, Vetruvian.


I take the hidden black arrow that leads our hero through Shar and the caverns of the dark continent. Rumors have told him about an abyssian queen that longs to get a bite off the omelette in pursuit of the powers that it could grant her. She might fasten his travels with her wealth and power, maybe even accompany any adventurers that share her goals.


Red arrow allows to load up on massive healing which will be needed later. Plan ahead people!


Btw, is Mythron spherical? The yellow arrow might be a shortcut then.


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 5: Rasha's Return]

Chapter 2: Lost in the Desert

Status: [7/7]

Ignoring your common sense, you resolve to travel deep into the heart of the Akram Desert. You will be wandering in the wrong direction, into the midst of countless dangers that could have been easily avoided, but that is what makes it a true adventure!

After taking a ferry to the mainland of Akram, you set off across the dunes. Soon™ all you can see in any given direction is an endless ocean of sand. The sun beats down mercilessly on your uncovered head, and blazing hot winds throw sand grains into your eyes. Still you keep trudging onward, hour after hour, through the unchanging landscape. Only when your throat is as dry as a Drybone Golem do you stop to have a drink… and realize that you forgot to bring water. Unable to move another step, you collapse from thirst and heat exhaustion. Your last thought as the scorching sands rush towards your face is Why did I go this way again?

Status: [7/2]

You dream of the Golden Omelette you will never get to taste.

You are in a huge room of white marble. The roof is supported by fluted columns, a lavish crimson carpet covers the floor, and large windows are covered by gauzy silk curtains billowing in the warm breeze. The air shimmers, as if with heat, but you find that the room has a quite comfortable temperature. You are in the center of the room, sitting at an elaborately carved ebony table. On the table is a silver platter that holds the most delicious-looking omelette you have ever seen. It gleams golden in the sunlight.

“Take a bite,” a voice says from behind you. “It will heal your wounds.”

You twist around in your seat to see who is addressing you, but there is no one there.

This all seems perfectly normal.

  • Take a bite of the Golden Omelette
  • Stuff the entire omelette down your throat
  • Kick over the table
  • Purposefully unbalance your chair so it falls over backwards
  • Attack the table with your face
  • Try to eat yourself
  • Praise the sun

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Next Chapter: Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 5: Rasha's Return]


Now it may look bad but we have to remember, we’re in the Vetruvian land, so thats pretty neat.


Should be 7/1 Cuz LITD does 6


Pre-nerf LiTD dealt 6 damage. Nowadays it deals only 5.


Wait it got nerfed?


Did we see a Thunderhorn, or do they not live there anymore?


Yep, It got nerfed with Oserix and a bunch of other reworks.