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Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 10: The End]


he didnt draw his meditate this turn, didnt believe in the heart of the cards hard enough it seems. :sweat:


It’s called BMing until your opponent kills you


songhai stealing old maelstrom :sweat:


We must not let Serpenti die in vain! Kaleos cannot be allowed to lie down! We must band together and stop Kaleos from going AFK!

Hoorah! Long live the Empire!


That’s the spirit!


This thread is Hitting A Snag and is going to start over.


Btw to Anyone Voting to Attack the Tormentor: Tormentors stats are 6/6, while our Kaelos stats are 9/5 (frenzy), so while it feels like we should have an advantage if we attack one of his crawlers, we cant, because of Tormentors Provoke, meaning both of us die and end of story is nigh unless SOMEONE decides to flip off game physics


As I found out yesterday after forgetting this fact myself and trying to use this combo with Bloodrage Mask & Hiogi. Now you can only meditate on something else, for a fairly long time.


Listen to this guy. He knows what’s up! :sunglasses:

(You forgot the +2 attack sword that the Tormentor has inexplicably equipped, though.)


oh right, even worse


If the tormentor is the enemy general (has an artifact equipped so I’m saying it is) then it’s a draw at least. Or since it’s Kaleos he’ll probably Flicker behind and hit 'em with an Obscuring blow. Psh, nothing personnel.


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 6: The Escape]

Chapter 6: The Escape

Status: [9/5], Frenzy

Before the Abyssal Tormentor can respond, you whirl around and start banging the pink crystal wall with your Serpenti-enhanced fists.
“Do you know how much health this crystal structure has, Kaleos? You’d be better off attacking yourself if you want to get out of here quickly,” the Tormentor cackles demonically. You realize that he is trying to provoke you into attacking him, which would mean certain death for you.
You remember the power that flowed through you when you devoured the Serpenti. You can still feel it writhing in your chest, wanting to get free.
I may not break the crystal, you think, but this guy’s going down!
You spread your arms and spin in a circle, bashing the crystal first… and then the Tormentor. He falls to the ground in agony and then quickly dissolves into nothingness. So does all the Shadow Creep. Only a large bloodstain remains… until that also fades a couple seconds later. You pick up the glowing pink sword that the Tormentor dropped and study it. Perhaps it can help you break out of here faster…

Status: [11/5], Frenzy, Bloodthirst (Whenever you kill something, gain 2 health)

Unfortunately, faster does not mean fast. You spend the next four hours hacking away at the oddly glowing wall until it shatters in a blinding burst of light. You stumble through the opening into a stone corridor and collapse from fatigue on the cavern floor.

Status: [11/3], Frenzy, Bloodthirst

When you awaken, you realize that you are no closer to escaping the Torture Caverns of Shar. From legends, you know that it is like a labyrinth, with only one way out and death traps waiting around every corner. Nevertheless, you walk down the corridor and round the next corner… and enter a circular room larger than any other you have been in so far. The walls are black stone covered with glowing blue runes. Along the perimeter of the room are alters with struggling creatures strapped to them; you see a Serpenti, a human in tarnished white-and-gold armor, a baby lizard, some kind of wind spirit, an annoying furry beast you recognize as a Snowchaser, and – you gasp in horror – a cute, fluffy Panddo.
But the most terrifying thing is the arch in the center of the room. It is a dark purple and also covered with glowing blue runes. As you watch, two Abyssal Crawlers flanking it pull two levers simultaneously. The inside of the arch begins to swirl with menacing red light, and you realize what it actually is: a portal. The legendary Gate to the Undervault, in fact.
It must be the demon overlords’ feeding time, you think. I have to do something, and quickly!

  • Try to shut down the portal.
  • Make a mad dash into the portal.
  • Free the Panddo and then run back from whence you came.
  • Stay and partake of the feast.

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Next Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 6: The Escape]


clearly the answer is to run into the demon infested portal what could possibly go wrong. :thonk:


Well we know we cant shut it down its invulnerable.



im trying to let the abyssians win


Oh come on, this is lazy.

But I’m enjoying this thread and the tourist bus we are in, completely shielded from any actual logic.


funny how theres no option to try to save any of the other prisoners


-Shinkage Zendo
Edit: This could actually be the biggest plottwist ever, that Shinkage Zendo is actually forcing Kaelos to do everything we choose, eliminating the leaders of Abyss and making Shinkage the ruler of Undervault! I got a lore Idea!


Do any of the other prisoners matter? I think not!


I was actually planning an appearance by Shinkage Zendo, but now… :wink:
We’ll see