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Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 10: The End]


I have a big problem with this choice, the two of them are such desirable outcomes.


Aren’t Abyssian and Serpenti…hm…relatives? Why would he want to cut him?


abyssians made serpenti like they made the wraithlings. as play things to twist and break for their amusement

now what to pick. on the one hand we could torment and kill a serpenti… on the other we could end the songhai for good and deal 3000 of damage with shadow creep… :thinking:

yeah i know what im picking


You are a monster.

The Abyssian did consume (or mutated?) the Serpenti, if I recall correctly.


As of writing this, we are 50/50 here, with 8 votes on each side! There are also coincidentally 8 hours left… which choice will prevail? (And what will happen if no one breaks the tie? :scream:)


Critical fail. We’re forced to eat the Serpenti then we get dropped onto the ouchie ow owie grass.


Unless two people come to the rescue, yes.






Not gonna happen. :wink:

LONG LIVE KALEOS! (no emotes for Songhai… :sob:)


Songhai is the emote


theres the emote for kalios :hairage:

its apropriate cause songhai is done for :sirpenti:


It’s not, though. Unless you can get 3 people to vote for your cause in 3 hours…


Dafuq @phoinexflame, Songhai abandoned Vetruvia in it’s time of need and you want their leader to live?


I want to say. @anjosustrakr, I’m having fun with this stuff you make here. Thx.


You are very welcome!


true but if it doesnt then i can atleast dream…or just wait for kalios to choke on that serpenti…thats alot of neck to digest you know. :thinking:


Ziros Starstrider did swear to abandon Songhai when they would need his help the most and I would do good to follow his wish, but alas, I’ve lost my faith in Vetruvia. I now serve those who can actually use the ancient artifacts as well as wield the flames of destruction.

Scratch that, after fighting @cold52 I’ve come to my senses. How could I even consider abandoning Vetruvia just to set the world ablaze?


That’s funny, I had actually considered writing this ending… but we’ll see what actually happens soon™ enough.


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 5: DOOM]

Chapter 5: DOOM

Status: [2/1]

Why? you ask yourself, Why do I have to make this dark choice? But you know the answer: you are Kaleos Xaan, General of the Songhai Army, and you have fallen into the hands of the enemy. You cannot hesitate. Only one choice the Tormentor has given you is valid, and you both know it.
I’m sorry, O most beautiful of creatures! May infinite Assassination Protocols await you in the Realm Beyond…
“I choose to eat the Serpenti,” you say grimly.
“How sensible,” the Abyssal Tormentor responds coldly. Then he brings his spectral blade down, again and again, cutting the Serpenti all over and making it screech in pain. You can’t bear to watch, and shut your eyes, but it does nothing to drown out the screams of an innocent beast being ended by your command.
When it is finally dead, hours later, the Tormentor calls in an Abyssal Crawler servant to feed you the pulped flesh and once-white scales. It forces the repulsive food down your throat, and it takes all your willpower to not retch it back up. The sharp scales tear at your throat, and you almost choke to death more than once… but when you have consumed the whole Serpenti, an odd feeling comes over you. You feel… powerful.

Status: [9/5], Frenzy

“Your first taste of Abyssian power, eh, Kaleos?” the Tormentor says evilly. “Too bad it will also be your last.”
“You said you would set me free…” you protest, still reveling in your new-found strength.
“Oh, I will. I am a demon of my word. But I never said how I would set you free, now did I?” the Tormentor chuckles and yanks back his arm, causing the purple rope around your waist to unravel… and you fall to the Creep-covered floor below.
Nothing happens.
For a moment, the Abyssal Tormentor is stunned. (His feet are covered in ice.) Then he bellows in rage, “How can it possibly still be your turn!? The Skullprophets and Necroseers all agreed that this exact moment in time would be the end of my turn!” A slow grin spreads across your face as you realize what happened, and you don the sunglasses from your pocket.
It was always said that the Songhai could mess with time, taking their opponent’s turn away from them before they knew what hit them…
“Looks like you can’t kill me yet, Abyssian scum! My move.”

  • Attack the Abyssal Tormentor.
  • Try to break out of the crystal chamber.
  • Lie down on the alter and wait for your turn to be over.

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Where is the option to meditate for eternity or until Tormentor concedes?