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Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 10: The End]


Still trying to keep consistent with that shitpost eh?
You got conviction, ill give you that


I hope the downwards slope leads us to the realization that we are indeed Lyllyan. and that we find a chest full of exciting underwear.


Nah, we’d just find a redesign by CPG


no u



Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 3 Is Here!]

Chapter 3: The Fall

Status: [2/20]

Perhaps you were not thinking straight after your first head bash, and after the second you have completely lost your mind… whatever the case, you have the strangest feeling that your will is not your own as you slowly walk up to the edge of the pit and leap in.
You fall for what seems to be an eternity.
Unfortunately for you, it’s not.

Status: [2/2]

You wake up for the fourth time this day, and this time all your bones are shattered.
At least I remember my name now, you think deliriously. But it’s not important. It was never important. What is a name, anyway? There is no individuality. Even the Legends of Old… there were always three of each…
The world goes black.
When you wake up again, you are sick of waking up, and resolve to never pass out again today. You take stock of your surroundings. A purple mist hangs about you, and the walls of this cavern are covered with pink crystals that emanate pure horror. The shaft you fell down is nowhere to be seen, and a glowing pink twin-blade sword is stuck in the ceiling where it should have been. You eye it with interest, but then hear a faint scratching coming from your right. You look towards the sound, and see a little monster standing three feet away from you. It has a glowing blue eye in the center of its head and tiny purple wings. It is slowly creeping towards you, and the azure hole of its mouth is starting to gape open. You would laugh, except you are too weak.
What is this small-fry going to do to me?
And then you see the others. Hundreds of them, emerging from the mist all around you.

  • Try to grab the sword out of the ceiling and take on the swarm, despite the fact that half your bones are broken.
  • Pledge your fealty to the dark forces that surround you and pray that they spare your life, if not your soul.

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Next Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Updated with Chapter 4!]


Holy shit 18 damage to face.


Yep, it was a long fall.


New Abyssian spell it seems.

0 mana

Enemy general attacks itself 9 times.

Totally balanced.


We’re healing pretty fast now. Which is good for us. I wouldn’t be surprised if we can walk again in the next sentence.



Poison thoughts
3 mana spell
Add a Suicide spell to the opponent’s Action Bar. It cannot be replaced.

0 mana spell
Your General dies.

Betting on misclicks and actual depression.


nah. its daring that spellhai deck to play all dem spells

the spectral blade would restore health, but the swarm would overtake you as the blade shatters


No us


Precisely… but will this way keep you alive? :thinking:


i say its 50/50 for either options…

abyssians arent known for their mercy so if you get on your knees. theres a good chance theyll just eat you. but if you fight them numbers could still overwhelm you.


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [2 hours til Serpenti dies!]

Chapter 4: The Darkest Hour

Status: [2/2]

You realize that there is no way you can reach the sword in the ceiling, and you don’t have the strength to swing it anyway. There is only one option left to you: concede this battle.
“I will serve you for all time, O Swarm of Death, if only you spare my piteous existence!” you scream. Then you discover that yelling was not the best idea. Your rib cage is broken, and it explodes in pain. You spasm, and the world goes dark(er).

Status: [2/1]

A bright light awakens you from your nightmares. But when you get your bearings, you wish you could return to the horrors of sleep. For the horrors of reality are much, much worse. You are inside a giant hollowed-out pink crystal, which refracts the light from without in sadistic ways you never would’ve thought possible. In the center is an alter splattered with blood, and beside it… an Abyssal Tormentor. A spike of terror cuts through you, and finally you realize where you are: the Torture Caverns of Shar. If only you had thought of it before, you could’ve killed yourself before it came to this… but it is far too late. The other end of a purple whip in the Tormentor’s hand is tied around your waist, and it is somehow making you hover a foot above the ground… the ground that is entirely covered with 3-inch-tall purple spikes. But you force yourself to look at the horror of horrors: on the alter is a fabulous marbled white serpent, strapped down with glowing purple rope, and the Tormentor is holding the pink sword from the cave at its magnificently long throat.
“How kind of you to join us at last,” the Abyssal Tormentor intones, his voice as terrible as a turn-one lethal. “Since you were stupid enough to bash your head into the ceiling and then jump down a pit, I could not have my Wraithlings torture you adequately. And unfortunately, all the Healing Mystics were consumed ages ago, so I cannot heal you in order to make you suffer more than 1 damage. So I told my servants to bring you here, for a little session in psychological torture. I do hope you enjoy it.” With that, the Tormentor lifts his blade above his head. The white serpent whimpers pitifully.
“You have a choice, Kaleos,” the Tormentor rasps. “Either I cut this innocent Serpenti to pieces before your eyes – ever so slowly, of course – and then make you devour it, or I drop you onto that Shadow Creep. It won’t be slow torture, true, but it will still be pain beyond what you have ever imagined. For I have thousands of Shadow Creep in these caverns, and I think you know of my powers… If you choose to eat the Serpenti, I will set you free. If you choose death, then your legacy is over, and the Songhai Empire will fall into my hands… once I ressurect you as my mindless slave. So, which will it be?”

  • Watch the beautiful Serpenti die before your eyes in the most brutal manner and then eat it to earn your freedom.
  • Die by 3000-damage Shadow Creep and let the Songhai Empire be controlled by the Abyssian scum for all of eternity.

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Next Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [2 hours til Serpenti dies!]


Why the hell did we choose pit again? We should have known


i for one welcome our abyssian overlords, songhai had a good run :sirpenti:


Miss Hamon Thunderthighs will be welcome amidst the abaes.



Oops, typo…


As of this writing, 6 fools are for allowing a Serpenti to die.