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Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 10: The End]


You win again, anjosustrakr.


Why must you argue with the new Chief of Communication? He already surpassed us years ago in intellect and has reached a higher level of existence. The man makes no mistakes. Or woman??? Will we ever know???


I would thank you for the compliment, but there is no logical reason to thank someone for speaking the truth. :wink:

“Or woman??? Will we ever know???”
No, no you will not.


@degenerator, you make a possibly wrong assumption that we’re dealing with human being here.


I was foolish, and the Chief of Communication was patient and tactful enough not to crush me like a bathroom moth.

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Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 7: The Undervault]

Chapter 7: The Undervault

Status: [11/3], Frenzy, Bloodthirst

There is no time to think. And thinking has never been your specialty.
You make a mad dash towards the Gate to the Undervault.
The Abyssal Crawlers step in your path.
You cut them down in a single swing, but one of them manages to claw your arm in the process.

Status: [11/5], Frenzy, Bloodthirst

The portal looms ominously before you.
You jump in.
You feel as if you are being ripped apart and reassembled repeatedly. Black lightning flashes around you in the red void… or is it red lightning in a black void? A dark essence suffocates you, and you suddenly cannot recall where you are. You feel the presence of death lingering nearby, like a crow before a slaughter…
…and then you fall out the other side of the portal and slam into the ground at mad dash speed. The last thing you see before the world goes black is the spectral sword skittering from your hand across a wooden floor.

Status: [9/3], Frenzy

When you wake up, you find yourself in a soft bed staring up at a ceiling of wooden planks.
This is the Undervault? you think. It doesn’t look too demonic…
Suddenly, a jolly face with a thick orange beard and huge red nose pops into your line of sight.
“Welcome to my inn!” the man shouts in your face. “You’ve been on the run all day. Relax! Take a seat.” Instead of taking a seat you leap to your feet. You know this apparition from tales whispered in the darkest alleys of Xaan – it is the notorious Harth Stonebrew, the Dread Innkeeper, Killer of Strategy and Rigger of Packs! You need to get back to the portal before he boils your blood into his ale!
But where is the portal? you wonder frantically as you shove past the Innkeeper and leap down the stairs three at a time. Then you have a thought. The door to the inn! It must be!
You slip on the last step (it seems to be covered with some toxic sludge) and crash to the floor.

Status: [9/2], Frenzy, Sprained Ankle (This can only move 1 space)

You manage to get to your feet, but it soon becomes clear that your running days are over. And not just because you sprained your ankle in the fall; the entire the floor of the inn is covered with thousands of wooden tables, each with two people playing Hearthstone on it. The saloon doors of the inn are at least a ten-minute jostle away, and you can hear the Innkeeper stomping down the stairs behind you. Things are looking bleak.

  • Sit down on the bottom step and start crying.
  • Challenge the Dread Innkeeper to a duel of Hearthstone to win your freedom.
  • Hold a nearby Snowflipper Penguin hostage until you get safe passage to the portal.

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Next Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 7: The Undervault]


@anjosustrakr it depends, how much money do we have on us and what hearthstone decks do we have?

Also, can we hold a tinyfin hostage instead?


What a great descriptor.




not gonna lie, startin to think what we went through wasnt the enterance into the undervault…but the exit. :sweat:

time to go through it again and test that out. :sirpenti:


Im kinda mad at you that you made the only nice HS character evil. Also, THIS IS NOT UNDERVAULT YOU MORON!!!


He wants your blood money!!


Did I make him evil? It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

How do you know?


1st: You present him as an evil being is what i mean.
2nd: I cant imagine Vorpal reavers and Abyssal tormentors being ther, because i know exactly where the Hearthstone inn is. There are no demons in Northrend!


you see the problem is your assuming it matters if it is or isnt the undervault, instead of just woundering where is the undervault and can we go through it again. :thinking:


All I care we can stay in the Undervault. It is the Abyss realm after all


The Hearthstone Inn does not exist in WoW, so you don’t know where it is.

Also, we are in the Undervault. Here’s why:

  1. Most Duelyst players feel that Hearthstone is beneath them because Duelyst is a much better game.
  2. There are demons in Hearthstone. Therefore, there are demons in the inn.

Checkmate! :sunglasses:


You win…This one…


You have this deck:

Here is a screenshot of it in action:


Thank goodness we are not actually fighting him