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Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 10: The End]


Stop insulting my deck.
Or you’ll suffer (in the story, of course…). :wink:


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 8: The Savior]

Chapter 8: The Savior

Status: [9/2], Frenzy, Sprained Ankle

As far as you can see, there is only one way you’re getting out of this alive. You grab a Snowflipper Penguin off a nearby orc’s Hearthstone board and wrap your hands around its throat. Then you raise your voice and announce to the entire inn (and the Innkeeper, who has just reached the bottom of the stairs):
“I will strangle this innocent penguin unless you give me an escort to the portal!” The room goes so silent that you can hear the hissing of burning fuses. Until the dwarf sitting across from the orc you stole the penguin from leaps onto the table and hacks the penguin’s head off with a single blow from a wicked-looking war axe (wow long sentence).
“That beast was mine to slay!” the dwarf shouts, and the inn erupts in laughter. You drop the little corpse and stare down at it in shock.
That poor penguin didn’t have to die… these people really are demons, you realize. And then you turn towards the door of the inn and run like you have never run before… that is to say, crawling over tables and drunk orcs with a sprained ankle as fast as you can. Surprisingly, no one tries to stop you.
Ten minutes later, you make it to the saloon doors.
There had better be a portal behind these, you think, and then push through them.
There is no portal.
You are on a grimy cobblestone street with run-down shacks all around. A man wearing black armor, a red cloak, and a golden conical hat stands before you. A katana and a wakizashi are sheathed at his belt.
“Kaleos Xaan,” he greets you. “I have come to aid you in escaping this dark realm.”
“Grandmaster Zendo!” you exclaim. "How – "
“Careful out there after dark,” the Innkeeper interrupts from behind you. “Come in off the streets, you’ll be safe and warm!”
Suddenly a chill goes through you. Why did you want to escape this place, again? Do you really want to go back to the Torture Caverns of Shar instead of playing an innocent game of Hearthstone? And there is something unnerving about Zendo’s hidden face and intense gaze… The Grandmaster holds out his hand. It is time for you to choose.

  • Go with Zendo
  • Stay back and play Hearthstone

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You win this one… Friend…


Even if this is Shinkage, he will probably take us back to Dooli.

Then we’ll see…


Im sayin Kaelos needs a little break. Play a few games of Heathstone, you dont have to play PvP, Pve is excelent in that game. Relax, heal your ankle, then make your way back.


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 9: The Return]

Chapter 9: The Return

Status: [9/2], Frenzy, Sprained Ankle

You shake off your sense of dread and take Grandmaster Zendo’s hand. He snaps the fingers of his other hand…
…and suddenly you are staring into a bloodred abyss. You let go of Zendo’s hand and look around in shock. You are back in the huge cavern, in front of the Gate to the Undervault.
“How did you do that?” you wonder out loud. “That was some serious teleportation!”
“It was,” Zendo says. “That’s the kind of power they give you when you turn. You could’ve had it too, once. But you never bent the knee to your rightful rulers… the Abyssian.”
You whirl around and behold a changed man. Zendo is now in a purple cloak and is holding a flaming purple katana in his hand. It is pointed at you.
“What is this!” you shout. “You went over to the Abyssian? Why?
“Because of you!” he responds, his voice thick with anger. “You ripped me from my home in Shim’zar and put me in the Core! You dulled my blade to three pitiful damage! And you will pay!
“I didn’t do any of that!” you protest. "It was – "
"NO!" Zendo screams. “IT WAS YOU!” You turn and run… or try to run. You find that you can no longer move your feet. Or your arms, for that matter.
“Hehehehe!” Zendo cackles from behind you, “I’ve been waiting for this day for soooo long, Kaleos! The day where I get to control you!” You find yourself turning around against your will. Zendo’s demonic mask is leering in your face.
“I brought you here for torture, Kaleos. But it seems that you have outwitted my every trap by being a complete idiot. I never thought you’d actually try to enter the Undervault, not knowing that it is actually the demon relaxation parlor… but you did. So I had to go and fetch you myself. And now… the time for torture is over. Now it is time for you to die. And then come back to rule the Songhai Empire under the banner of Abyssian!” Zendo raises his sword once again, aiming it straight at your head. You are about three paces away from the edge, and you can feel the horrifying heat radiating from it. Zendo tips his hat at you, and you take a step forward.
“No, no! Don’t do this!” you beg, but you know you can’t reason with a madman. You have to think quickly… and suddenly you can’t think.
“That’s right, Kaleos. I can command more than just your body. I have stolen your greatest power… the power of choice!”
His maniacal laughter echos around the cavern as you take another step forward.

  • Take one final step to your death.
  • Move one more space and perish.
  • Walk forward and meet your demise.

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Next Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 9: The Return]

Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 20: A Journey Ends]

what happens if we make the choice to not choose any of these?


Shhhhhhhhh! They might hear your wisdom!
Oh, guess not. Songhai is doomed… :sob:


but can i choose all three options :thinking:
clearly the correct choice is to make a 3 way tie and step 3 steps thus breaking the system :sirpenti:


Unfortunately, a three way tie on these polls is impossible. One will be set to 34%. :frowning:


That’s how we play Duelyst!


Abyss are the rulers of the world, Bow before their might, look at the power they offer! Turning a mere 3/6 into a 6/20, that is the power of shadow, but remember one thing, we dont seek destruction, we seek the Truth


I hope we’re getting Abhorrent Unbirthed next.
The poll is going to be like “Kaleos’ head now sprouts out of which body part?”


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 10: The End]

Chapter 10: The End

Status: [9/2], Frenzy, Sprained Ankle

You put your right foot forward… and it twists under you. You hear a terrifying snap, feel a burst of pain, and then you crumple to the ground with your face in Zendo’s robes.

Status: [9/1], Frenzy, Broken Leg (Can only move 1 space forward)

“GAH! Get away from me!” Zendo shouts, and jumps backwards… into the Gate to the Undervault. Suddenly you can control yourself again (except for your broken leg). Gritting your teeth against the pain, you crawl towards the nearest alter.
It’s time to feast, you think grimly. It’s the only way I can take on – You really thought that pitiful trick could keep me away long, Kaleos? Say goodbye! The invasion of your head startles you, but not as much as the flaming purple blade that sprouts through your neck.

Status: [9/-5], Frenzy, Broken Leg


You don’t know how sad I was to write this ending. But the people have chosen. All this is your doing. Into the Abyss will be joining the ranks of official Duelyst lore with the next expansion, along with the new keywords Bloodthirst (for Abyssian), Sprained Ankle (for Neutral), and Broken Leg (for Neutral). In order to comply with this new lore, Counterplay is also going to delete the Songhai faction from the game, and Abyssian is getting a new General:

(I tried to stop them, but they wouldn’t listen! They said it was what the fans wanted… :sob:)

In order to pledge your allegiance to the Abyssian masters (guys they have me at gunpoint I’m sorry) before the expansion comes out, try out the unofficial Kaleos Reborn by replacing the Kaleos MK2 skin in the game files:

Welp, that’s all, folks! Poll-Venture #1 ends here. It was fun to make this with you, even if the ending was tragic… now let’s take a moment of silence for Kaleos and Songhai.


this was very nice, could you do a lizard story next?

Poll-Venture #2: The Golden Omelette [Chapter 20: A Journey Ends]

Perfect happy ending! Thanks for the story :slight_smile:


The file and picture wrap up is very professional. :astonished:


kallios joins abyssian and songhai gets deleted…so it was the perfect ending. :sirpenti:


I hope all Songhai spells and minions will also be added to abyssian. The factions complement each other well.

But seriously, @anjosustrakr, that was a great interactive story, I hope to see more from you soon ™.

All factions should become Abyssian

BTW. Have anyone watched Gamers 3 movie from Zombie Orpheus studio? The guys are great :+1: In Gamers 3 they present a concept of a TCG with expansions and gameplay dependant on community choices.


Imagine the beasts Abyssian Ragnora could produce