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Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 10: The End]


As your new Chief of Communication, I have taken it upon myself to come up with a fun mini-game for the forums: Poll-Ventures. Here’s how it works: I write a (very short) chapter with a poll at the end, and you guys get to vote on what the main character does next. After a day of voting, I will write the next chapter using the action that won the vote, and so on until you get the main character killed or an ending is reached. Then, when the story is done, it will be canonized into official Duelyst lore! So, let the games begin:

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Status: [2/25]

You wake up in total darkness. You can’t remember where you are, or how you came to be here. You are exhausted, but manage to sit up and look around. Naturally, you see nothing. However, you can feel that the ground under you is rough stone, and you can hear the dripping of water somewhere close. Shakily, you lurch to your feet – and your head explodes in pain.

Status: [2/23]

You come to hours later… or maybe minutes, or days. You have no idea what time it is, without the sun or moon shining down upon you. You do know, though, that you are in some kind of subterranean cavern with a low ceiling.
“It would have been good to know that before I cracked my skull open,” you reflect bitterly, the words coming out only as a hoarse whisper. Hearing your own voice echoing around the cave gives you a start.
Who am I? you wonder. Surely I am somebody…

  • Decide to call yourself Sylas.
  • Decide to call yourself Tym.
  • Decide to call yourself Lyllyan.
  • Decide to call yourself Alyce.
  • Decide that your name is not important.
  • Bang your head against the ceiling again in hopes that you will remember your name.

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I would call myself Bartholomew, but that wasn’t an option so I went for the next best thing.


I voted before reading.
let me get to that real quick


That’s not the Duelyst way. There is no ‘y’ in Bartholomew. It would have to be Bartholomyw. :thinking:


Honestly, this is pretty well written for being an absolute joke of a story.

I NEED MORE!!! :smiling_imp:


this sounds familiar


Names only get you into trouble like taxes. No one can tax you if they don’t know who to address the letter to!


@cloudfrog, you mean…




oh yeah that one :joy:


Please continue it.


Maybe next time I’ll do 12 hours, but I must wait the full 24 this time… :clock10:


I was replying to @cloudfrog. You’re not going to end this anytime soon, right? :sweat_smile:


What is @cloudfrog continuing? That terrifying drawing?

Also, this will end when the community gets themselves killed, which it seems like they are bent on doing…


A lot of the people here are edge/memelords.

We will project our longing for death onto this new character


Previous Chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 3 Is Here!]

Chapter 2: The Pit

Status: [2/23]

Not being able to remember your own name is starting to drive you insane, so you decide to take drastic measures.
I’ve heard of people who lost their memory after getting a concussion, you recall, and then got it back by having their skulls smashed in by a Facestriker… wait, or did they die after that? It matters not. I must do this.
You crouch low on your weak legs and then spring upwards as hard as you can.

Status: [2/20]

When you wake up again, you still can’t remember your name, and you have a splitting headache. But something looks different about the cave…
It looks different because I can see it! you realize. The cavern is illuminated with a soft purple glow, just enough for you to make out the low ceiling and the blood caked on the stalactite directly above you. Slowly, you get to your feet (though you have to stay hunched over) and look around the cave. Directly in front of you are two paths cut through the stone that lead out of the cavern. One slopes upward, and one slopes downward. You can faintly hear a whirring sound coming from the downward path. To your right there is a large pit in the floor. It appears that the purple radiance is coming from there, but you also feel a sense of foreboding when you step near, and cannot bring yourself to look in.

  • Go on the upwards sloping path.
  • Go on the downwards sloping path.
  • Jump in the pit.
  • Sit down and wait for death.

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Next chapter: Poll-Venture #1: Into the Abyss [Chapter 3 Is Here!]


Seriously? You’re giving internet people the option to make a character jump into a death pit?

Man, you’re such a good GM!


I’m disappointed by the lack of serious dilemmas in this story. I mean, who is going to choose to go down one of the paths? It’s possible that the buzzing sound could lead you down to Clockwork City, but that’s boring. Obviously any sane and normal person (like myself) would choose to jump into the pit (or maybe sit and wait for death if I was feeling lazy). Step up your game, Anjo.


Expositions of stories don’t often have the narrator making tough choices… but soon enough there will be choices so difficult that you will cry for mercy!


Somehow I doubt it…

But I am willing to take your word for it…

You don’t want to disappoint me again.


You dare threaten ME, pitiful worm?! I shall crush – [remembering job title] – ah, thank you for the advice, good sir. I will do my best not to disappoint you.