POLL: User opinion on PRISMATIC card effects


Hey guys, today I wanted to make a poll that clearly depicts this community’s opinion on prismatic card effects.

For those that do not know what they are - it’s the rainbow swirly backgrounds that represent Duelyst’s rendition of foil/golden cards.

IMHO, the effect is in contrast with 90% or more of the minions/spells, a side effect that must occur since the effect is used for ALL cards, but also augmented by the fact that it’s… prismatic, so, it clashes with the color palette of most things.

If I were to say my 2c, I’d say add faction specific prismatic effects, and make neutral ones - neutral in color. Faction specific means that abyssians should have some kind of black/purple shroud, lyonar minions could have a consecrated aura around their feet, vets should get some kind of sand particles etc. - something THEMATIC for every faction.

Here’s the poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11079541

Hearthstone packs=no legendary for me

i think they need a slight rework. if both sides spawn prismatic shadow creep then they look identical and it gets very confusing


With the exception of the shadow creep, I think they’re fine. Definitely not a high priority for CP to address in my opinion.


@infiltrator Hey, you know that you can make polls inside the Duelyst Forum itself without having to link to an external site right? It’s in the options (the gear symbol). If you are aware of this then that’s fine, I just hate it when people make links to other sites for polls because then you have to go to it to vote, wait for it load, and then if you want to check the results later to see how they’ve changed you have to go back to the link, which is just a hastle. Also, in my personal opinion, the built in Duelyst Forum Poll is very easy to make, vote for, and read. You can even toggle I you want to show the results and # of voters.


I know, but this poll was linked on discord, reddit and steam so it will collect all poll data in one place which is more convenient for the purpose of it.


true, i never thought of that. Many people only put polls on the forums thou, and it just frusterates me. sorry for the rant/passive aggressiveness lol. Have a nice day


this poll is missing one crucial choice:

-don’t care, free dust!

this would probably mean i like prismatic cards as they increase the value of packs slightly.
other than that i don’t bother with them. and i never have in any card game.

if those cards had completely unique models on the other hand …

but then those resources are probably better invested in entirely new cards.


Your poll doesn’t have the option I want:
Just let people choose the prismatic color gradient. Let the color palette flow from black to red for a devious effect. Blue to purple for a mystical one. White to clear for a smokey flavor. Make it a personalized characteristic that sets your style and army apart. The basic effect is nice, but not everyone wants rainbow colors.