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Is this the new meme thread


No. This is the new better-than-meme thread. For polls beat memes 9/10 times. Don’t they?

  • Easily
  • Never

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What is unexpected

  • Q4 content
  • duelyst dying
  • makantor jesus
  • obliterate
  • mantra
  • Spanish inquisition

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are you male or not human


what would be a good use for Q4 content?

    • noobs tilter
    • illegals deporter
    • cake baker
    • good way to show people your badges at magmar go!
    • get all the ladies
    • kill terrorists
    • a mode where you play a drunk faie
    • dooli is dead

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who will **** you up better if you hit on his woman at the bar?[poll type=regular results=always]

  • *frostiva
  • *swampy
  • *ooz
  • *wanderer
  • *vaath
  • *kara
  • *zendo
  • *worldcore golem

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What do you think?


Counter terrorist win


Should I resurrect this thread?

  • Yes
  • Totally
  • Sure, why not?

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Should all polls now and forever be posted on this thread and linked to the thread which they would have normally been posted on?

  • Sure, I’ll make all my polls on this thread
  • No…
  • I have no idea what you just said

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And here goes the reply to break anjo’s 3 reply limit.


It was only two, but thanks anyway.

I doubt it. There were 170 people online at one time today, which is a scarily low number, but still higher than the number of people on this forum.


Should I forgive him?

  • Yes
  • No

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Better early than late.


What is your opinion on Magmar?

  • Yes
  • No

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By choosing “no” I mean “not again :face_vomiting:


I get just a little angry when I lose to eggmar or facemar otherwise its fine

  • Trap waifus are stupid
  • You are stupid

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When will this nightmare end?

  • Never
  • Yesterday
  • Any minute now…
  • When q4 gets released
  • When this hot mess gets looked at by a sensible mod.

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  • Don’t listen to that fool. He’s clearly just trying to keep his worthless thread alive forever!
  • I’m not so sure… perhaps Anjo is a psychic, and we should listen to his wisdom.

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