[Poll] How Pessimistic Are You?


I have saved up exactly 5000 Gold and have vowed to never play Duelyst again until the next update (or until we get the official news that no such update will be coming). So… what do you think the long-awaited Q4 update will bring?

  • New Generals, 100+ new cards, and a balance patch
  • 100+ new cards and a balance patch
  • A balance patch
  • A nerf to Wanderer only
  • A nerf to Serpenti only :sirpenti:
  • A scummy new economy meant to leech as much money out of fans as possible before the game dies (see Faeria)
  • Absolutely nothing

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And will it be the last update the game will ever get?

  • Yes
  • No
  • We’ve already gotten the last update

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Is the glass half empty or half full?

  • Half empty
  • Half full
  • Half full if you are pouring it; half empty if you are drinking it
  • Completely empty – waste not, want not

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Think my lowest bar would be a balance patch or the return of Unranked, Frostfire or Rift mode as a minimum (if any mode returns, then Rift Mode would be my choice). The highest would be Duelyst on other platforms. My realistic expectations probably tell me its something that no one is expecting. Since I feel like a balance patch could have been done without needing to announce it coming, which is why I would rule that out. Expansion seems unlikely but could happen as an outside chance.


This. Wouldnt it be to their advantage to announce the expansion if one was in fact in the making right now? Im betting on the element of surprise too.

Expansion coming soon™ in Q1 of 2019. march/april.


damn faerie is dieing too? fuk man, that was my backup plan when duelist falls apart :frowning:


Wait… what happened to Faeria?


Duelyst will be open indefinitely and will receive new content as per Bandai, so half of these are not accurate poll options.

Expansion was not promised and spoiler season would likely have started if it was coming.

My prediction is a balance patch and mobile! Patch is desperately needed, and they said they would release something they are “proud of”, since an xpac does not seem super likely mobile is the next best thing…also man do I want mobile.


Valar morghulis – All games must die

I said “update,” not expansion.

Huh, forgot about that. Possible… but seems a bit too optimistic for me.


They went buy-to-play and cancelled their mobile development.


Sad because i was in the first mobile beta(i think it was the first) and i liked it very much


Btw I hate that i have to write like an entire paragraph so the computer wont get mad at me.


The developers announced new content, and while that will not necessarily be a new expansion, it would also be odd if it’s just a balance patch. I still think a new expansion is coming despite having little evidence.


Spoiler season is not necessarily should be coming now. Q4 has just started, CPG has plenty of time left.

Not that I’m completely sure that there will be an expansion, but I would not give up hope rn.


Could it be a small expansion like Rise or Bonds?

edit: this mobile positivity is making me exited, man. like, if mobile comes out, i’ll finally buy a real phone, instead of keeping the old broken thing i “use” currently


They’ll swap out the current characters for some Bamco license (Tales? Souls? .hack? Super Robot Wars? Pac Man? All of the above?) to attract fans of those other franchises.


I’ve seen a few games rise from inactivity only to fall into abandonment. I can only hope it wont happen to this game too.


is that thing they were proud separate from project aperion? I haven’t been keeping up with the news.

imo xpac is 10 times more likely than mobile. I consider the mobile prototype they made as their “feasibility test”. I also think it failed big time.


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