POLL: how many different factions do you guys play?

  • i only focus on 1 faction
  • 2 factions
  • 3 factions
  • 4 factions
  • 5 factions
  • i play all 6

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just for my curiosity. i play all factions except songhai. i do have a basic budget reva deck that i have played with, but its the only faction i really don’t enjoy the style of play (aggro spellhai).

currently gold rank; hopefully diamond next season.

So, what about the new quest system?

i distribute my time between factions hierarchically
.# 1 undisputed champ is abyss
.# 2 favorite that has fallen in recent times is magmar
.# 3 frequent fun faction is vanar
.# 4 and 5 almost never play unless its for a meme or a quest is vetruvian and lyonar
.# 9 never play and avoid like the plague is songhai.

cant even be bothered to put the six right side up for those sneaky ninja wizards


I just play whatever the daily tells me to play. =S


Songhai, Magmar. Plan to play Creep Cass later.


Mostly I play Vanar, my love! But now I am concidering to chose second faction, I mean it will be Lyonar or Abbysian. It is my first month in game, I am rank 9. Next month I want to hit Diamond! :wink:


I’ve never disenchanted cards except extras, so I’ve accumulated a lot of cards for all 6 factions, albeit, I don’t have all of the “must haves” like 3x makantors or spectral revs


For now I’m just focusing on one faction but I’m interested in playing other factions as well.


I play what the daily requires. Cool thing is, I actually enjoy all factions. If I want to rank up, I play Magmar or Abyssian


I replace the daily if not Vanar, Abyssian or Songhai. But whatever it says after replace is what I play.
I never disenchant cards that I dont have in excess. After all, any card can be of use sometime, and I’m not in a hurry.


as a gauntlet player i want to be familiar with all factions. however some factions are just so abysmally bad in gauntlet that i try to avoid them, like vetruvian and abyssian.


Play all 6.
Each one is fun to play and a different way to think a game. It’ll take time to get all “must haves” but i don’t care ^^


Shadow creep was the reason I started playing this game at all. So happy when they released a general that focused on shadow creep! :smiley:
So Abyss only was what I wanted to say ^^


I play/have enough cards for at least 5 factions so that I can guarantee that I can always complete a faction quest with 1 of the 5 that I like.


I invested the spirits in 3 factions and had their legendary Sisters already:

  • vanar: main deck, both for serious and fun matches.
  • magmar: starhorn ctrl got me to diamond last season :slight_smile:
  • abyss: creepy cass is doing great in diamond also


I replace the daily if it’s not Magmar or Lyonar. If it’s still no Magmar or Lyonar after the replace I normally don’t play it. Sometimes I try with Vanar and Abyssian. (So I voted “3” - Magmar, Lyonar, half Vanar, half Abyssian.)
If I want to ladder I’m playing Magmar. But it’s all about Gold in the moment, right?
I don’t play Vetruvian because I’m bad in it (and so I don’t have fun).
And I don’t play Songhai because I don’t like them at all.


Started with Vanar, grew to love magmar then enjoyed playing spincleaver saji. If I can find a good Lynor deck for quarter master gauj I’ll be playing Lynor next. Sometimes I play songhai but I feel bad when I do.


Currently I play Vet (both midrange Zirix and control Sajj), Magmar (solo Vaath FTW), Vanar (may the Faice be with you) and Healyonar. I plan to eventually expand to Songhai because I like both Arcanysts (with Reva) and Hamon (+ Ruby Rifter and maybe Zendo, with Kaleos).

I will never play abyssian until swarm becomes less snowbally or Cassy becomes cheaper


I’ll at least attempt to play every class other than Songhai.


I also play whatever my daily tells me to play. But I never replace Lyonar if I got him coz I got high win rate in it (3 wins average per quest completion). I also don’t replace Abyssian even though I have low win rate in it (1-2 wins per quest completion) because I like playing my swarm deck. If I got Magmar or Vet I always replace coz my Magmar cards suck and I don’t like playing Vet. If I got Vanar or Songhai I usually play them in Gauntlet coz they are the best in that mode.


I play 3 on a regular basis Magmar, Abyssian and Vanar. Usually switch between those factions depending what I feel like playing. Also play Lyonar more over the last few weeks, while Vet I haven’t really touched since Shim’zar but is still my 3rd most played faction. Songhai is just a lost cause for me. Never enjoyed playing it, and I don’t like combo style decks anyway. So I’ve pretty much disenchanted every epic/legendary card for Songhai and moved the spirit into cards for other factions. Was so sad when I bought the one time offers from the Bronze, Silver, Gold packs and got Heaven’s Eclipse as the class legendary card.

But yeah, I play 5 factions and disenchant cards from the 6th to get more neutral/faction cards for other factions.