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[Poll] Forum Icebreaker


It’s just $5, and guaranteed to make you Elon Musk. Thats right you may even be able to smoke weed on TV and not get shit for it.


Even when I’m Asian?


Then I reccomend to you the following. Used them and it most-definitely worked. I now work 5 hour shifts at mcdonalds, down from 7 hour shifts, because I’m minting cash selling fake iphones to gangsters.

or alternatively

trust me it works. You can pay me via bitcoin if you want to buy these books, no refunds. All it takes is these two books, and very soon, you could be the guy in Crazy Rich Asians.




What? Now we’ve got spam on forums? We definitely need a CM…


I expected somebody to be screaming I’m not buying whatever you’re selling after my first post


I hoped it was a joke.


It most definitely was a joke. Or at least lets say it is a joke. Or even if it wasn’t I need to make a bitcoin account or whatever. ANd maybe before that I might have wanted to know how bitcoin works lol


Then I’ll unflag them for history :rofl:


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