Poll: Faction percentages


Magmar is pretty much the only faction I play. I can’t really afford to play more than one faction. Lol.

It’s been a pretty wild rollercoaster ride, but I’m sticking with it Magmar 4 Lyf.


Surprised at the percentages thus far. Definitely didn’t expect the edgelords to rule the roost.

Magmar’s position is unsurprising but the lack of Vanar is.

I have to wonder whether this poll is skewed slightly because of the current meta seeing the low popularity of Lyonar. In the previous meta it was far more popular thanks to Titan. Perhaps that was simply the Spike players netdecking that made the switch for that particular meta though.


i think you meant to say
edgelord waifus


Vanar is the underdog right now. No surprise for me here. I still wonder why Lyonar has such a low percentage as they have a deck (BurnBrome) spiking right now.

@oranos : Edgeladies!


In the past Vetruvian has been the overwhelming favorite, but Abyssian is the best faction so I guess it was a matter of time before people caught on


I’d say Abyssian is the most reliable faction. They never had any really bad positions in the meta from what I know.


Abyssian is probably my favorite overall, but recently Ragnora has become one of my favorite Generals.


What’s this? What’s this? New deck types everywhere.



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