Poll: Faction percentages


Hey guys, so recently I heard that the developers (possibly illuminati) are trying to keep secrets from us particularly about the most used cards in the game and which factions are played the most. And so being the rebellious cool guy that I am, I decided to make a poll to uncover the secrets, the lies CPG has been spouting about “everything being fair and balanced”. Pshh, my grandma in poker fair and balanced, we’re gonna find out your secrets CPG.

Anyways vote in the polls below your most used faction.

  • Songhai
  • Abyssian
  • Magmar
  • Lyonar
  • Vetruvian
  • Vanar

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P.S. I kept it single vote only and anonymous in case some of you are concerned about that.


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I want to say vanar but I have been using magmar for 12+ seasons.


Ah, just pick whichever you plan on currently using for a good while.


I voted Abyssian.

I played Abyssian 2764 times, which is more than Magmar (2759 times), Vanar (2758 times), Lyonar (2747 times), Songhai (2746 times) and Vetruvian (2738 times).

In other words, I really really missed the option “I play all factions basically equally” :stuck_out_tongue:


In my case it’s vet with 6 Ribbons, it’s also one of the 2 factions i would vote for most played faction overall. The other is probably Magmar. Lyonar i’d suspect to have high usage in lower ranks, but it’s fallen out of grace on high levels since almost a year now so i don’t think it’s highest use overall. Vet and Magmar are the two factions that i believe see the most play across the board.



  • Lyonar : 284
  • Songhai : 1273
  • Vetruvian : 1086
  • Abyssian : 1756
  • Magmar : 438
  • Vanar : 955


so what your saying is you play abyssian


I don’t play a whole lot more than dailies and occasional gauntlet runs, I don’t think I’ve really “specialized” into a single class yet.

I do like playing with obelisks tho…


fun fact: magmar and abyssian’s name used to be swaped, but the deck found magmar more fitting for magmar!


Sorry, typo, I typed twiced same number, it’s Magmar : 438 (edited).




7% Lyonar, feelsbadman


:mysticup: corrected the typo without context clues :mysticup:


This pool didn’t really mean much without the win rates of the factions or skill level of reach player playing them. I’ll bite either way, Abyssian vote here.


I’ve got ribbons, idk how many games played:
Lyonar: 4
Songhai: 0
Vetruvian: 6
Abyssian: 0
Magmar: 5
Vanar: 3


I like playing all of the factions.
But, Songhai, magmar & vanar I tend to gravitate to.


Songhai, because sometimes you can turn the table and do a big comeback.
It’s just so satisfying to play.
Well some people don’t like this faction because of the unexpected out of hand damage.

And after IV, i started to like abyssian, especially Maehv playstyle and i think she needs more support. Haven’t seen her in matches lately (or is it just me).


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Magmar is the faction which I played the most, followed by Abyssian.

Now I’m starting to play more Vanar, since I like control decks better. I’m intrigued by Songhai, but I’m not good enough to play them effectively. Lyonar and Vetruvian are underused by me, but they are getting more interesting options each expansion and I may come back to them at some point.