Poll: Do you still use Ephemeral Shroud?


Considering how I thought Shroud and Lightbender used to be staples in every decks. (Quite sure not in S rank?) And my games are still not bad without it. Just out of curiosity how many of you guys have them in your decks.

  • Ephemeral Around
  • Lightbender
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Sorry for the Autocorrected Ephemeral Around haha


There’s so much removal now that there’s many other options, but i prefer shroud unless I’m playing as vanar.


I run Shroud in some of my Magmar, Abyssian and Vetruvian decks. Other factions don’t really need them. Lyonar has Sunbloom, Vanar has CC and Songhai… well i rarely play Songhai but when i do i usually just have OBS. Lightbender i used in my midrange Sajj deck as a anti cass tech but since ancient bonds he got kicked out in favor of blood of air.


Haven’t used Shroud since it got changed from a 2/2 to a 1/1. I was never big on Shroud when it was a 2/2 but it useful as a dispel and for early trading. Changing it to a 1/1 has just made it only useful for dispel which I’m not keen on running a very weak minion just for dispel, I rather use other options.

I haven’t been keen on Lightbender either but I use that more nowadays than Shroud because it can dispel more than one minion/general and in early ranks where people tend to make positional mistakes also makes Lightbender easier to use.

Overall, I rarely use dispel minions/spells outside of Cold and Sunbloom because most of the time I think its better just to run hard removal or transformation spells instead and chances are if you are going to dispel a minion, most of the time its the same minion you would use hard removal on instead if you got the option. So I’ve pretty much left most dispel options out of my decks.


I think lightbender is being used even more now because it’s an arcanyst, so the body can still be used for something (owlbeast or kindling shenanigans)


Also to fulfill bond requirements as well, but it’s kinda rare for lightbender to survive most of the time.


In my Obelisk Vet I use Shroud, however I haven’t done enough testing to see if it’s worth cutting them due to the inclusion of Blood of Air. I run lightbender in my Golem Vet due to synergy with Feralu and to help contest Arcanysts.


Lightbender dispells creap tils is ba ien creap.


I have them as my main dispell card in a lot of case. I favor them over Lightbender because there are a lot of better AoE removal. If I don’t use them I use Sunbloom in Lyonar. People don’t expect it sometime, but it is a viable and sure option in most faction.


Right now, I feel like it’s much more important to develope my own threats than answer my opponent’s. Since most factions have removal that is better than a 1/1 that dispels something, I usually go for 2-3 copies of those instead of the neutral silence sheep. Lightbender is a whole’nother story. It’s an Arcanyst and counters walls pretty hard so I like to fit a few in Abyssian and Songhai Arcanyst decks.


I have 2x Shroud and 3x Blood of Air in my Obelysk Deck. I mostly have the Shrouds in for Disruption Faie - I need some way to get through Concealing Shroud. However, Blood of Air is such a great card and definitely worth a spot. At 7 mana, BoA and Dunecaster are a great play against a lot of decks. Here is what I am currently running (except 3x Falcius instead of Feralu). I had a 14 game win streak with this through gold this month.


Dispel is really needed in this meta, so I typically run 2 Lightbenders, 2 Shrouds, and 2 of whatever infaction spell removal there is. Except in Songhai, who needs a lot more combo pieces than I would have room for if I were to shove in the 4 dispels.


Such necro.


Well, izzy has been away for a while…


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