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Poll "Azure Herald" vs. "Healing Mystic"



  • Yes, I replaced all my old Mystics with new fresh Heralds
  • No, I’m faithfull and kept my Mystics
  • With my deck, I’m playing both, I like to feel safe
  • Don’t need heal, I’m a hero (not playing one or the other)

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It’s a shame Herald is good because HM is such a cutie


I don’t have enough spirit yet, but once I do, I’ll run both.


In my control decks I run both, because why not? The more healing the better.

On my midrange lists I prefer Primus Fist however.


I have replaced the Mystics for now, and am liking the Heralds, but in honesty they are equal. It just depends on the deck.


That f2p feel…


If you made it to gold last month, you can disenchant Zyx & Ironclad (because maybe you won’t play them as one off) and craft 3x Herald, just saying.


Only got Ironclad and Decimus. Already DE’d for some Songhai stuff


I play both, I think Mystic’s still best, but Herald comes pretty close. Herald will probably be pick of the litter for a hypothetical true control deck.


It depends 100% on the deck, and seeing how I play a different deck twice a day, I cannot answer this poll :smiley:


It really depends on the list. In lists where i want the healing for a strong early game and the option to heal my general i use Mystics, if i only run them for the healing or in onemanarmy fun lists i run heralds. They both have their merits.


@Aeruniel & @cassador of course it’s impossible to answer when you are playing plenty decks, but there are a lot of poor, or focused or f2p players out there that don’t have this option …

Damn rich old players ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean those are commons. You can literally get those in an hour of grinding. Outside of that Mystics are better in a wider variety of lists imo.


You mean “Damn kickstarter backers that have started in september” in my case :stuck_out_tongue:
Yup, neither rich nor old :stuck_out_tongue:


Mystics are more versatile, lending themselves to decks that like to maintain tempo (aka most decks that arent pure aggro) as well as control decks that need the healing. Imo theres no true ‘A’ or ‘S’ tier control decks, so I dont expect to see much of poor Azure Herald diamond and above- though it falls into some cassyva lists (I see her as more combo midrange than control, but thats up for debate) so maybe it’ll work.

Also, and I just thought of this, one-man-army aggro decks like Azure cause it fuels their main damage source (the general). So Vetruvian and Magmar might use it (as well as Ziran but that goes without saying really). Only Magmar one-man-army decks are truly good, but that might be a place to see it at the competitive level alongside cassy.

Kara might use it too, I guess. Retains value in lategame and hits a good statline after Kara’s bbs, so it hits all the reqs for a good card in Kara.


I prefer mystic because it has the utility of healing other minions (which can lead to some better trades) but the decks I main have healing for my general already. (4WM for Songhai or Earth Sphere for Magmar)


I am not even represented in the poll. I got no Azure Heralds. :frowning:

Also, WTT 3x Jade Monk for 3x Earth Sphere. I hate booster packs.


Needs another option:

“Depends on the deck.”


I’ll think about it next time, if there is a “next time”.


You’d hate trading too, nobody would take that trade :v