Point me a janky card, i'll make it decent


Orizuru is already one of my personal staples for the concept so i can agree improving it could be wondrous.

Hmmm… Give minions in your hand Flying. Draw a card.


Doom, please and thank you


I feel like the most simple solution is to reduce its cost to 7. It’s just such a shame that the one of the weakest cards in Duelyst has the coolest name and effect.



Give the enemy General “At the end of your turn, take 7 damage”.


Did you actually just…should have made it proper and at the end of your opponents turn and it can stack, dont ask me how I found out


It is on the oponent’s turn. The wording is so just because i went full CPG: the effect is bound to the enemy so it is written as if the enemy is the source.


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