Point me a janky card, i'll make it decent


But they have their niche uses. For example, Skyrock Golem has a use when it’s summoned by Sirocco. If that’s the case, no buffs are needed.


I mean cards you seperately put into your deck.


@halcyon98 give me a reason you’d put Sworn Defender in your deck OUTSIDE of Lyonar and, if in Lyonar, elaborate on how it doesn’t simply get outclassed for the same overall purposes (self-renewing battering ram) by Suntide Maiden. In this point i’ll agree with Terra partially - only partially as he’s drunk in hate/meta - that many cards have no place in the game as they’re so niche, but so niche, they go from ‘feeding a very specific idea’ to ‘too specific to see play’, when not ‘so bland/unreliable anything else fits better a clear purpose’.

As for a better Ruby Rifter in a neutral visage… Effect changed to “Whenever your General takes damage, teleport near the source and attack it.”


I seriously thought this was a make the card work in a deck thread :facepalm:

Because that sounds impossible with Echoing Shriek and a lot of the neutrals in this game.

Not really challenging you to make a card good, but I think bombard is pretty fine the way it is but xenkai costs the same amount, has nearly the same ability, and has a 4/4 body with ranged being a really budget way to reactivate mechaz0r and some really janky second self/heartseeker/KE combo decks.

But yeah, lets figure out how to make echoing shriek work in a real deck komodo charger support?

Edit: No one said Bloodsworn Gambler :disappointed:


How to: You don’t. The best thing it can do is to follow/combo it with Skorn but at the time you’re unloading that combo the is likely no low cost creature in the field least you’re facing either other other swarmbyssian or Brome. One could argue on attempting to swarm with other low cost multispawn cards, then turning them into wraiths for wraith-based mass buffing, but at that point why not simply going for the usual swarming tools?

At its very best you could argue on it as a tech against multi-egg/multi-structure decks or those reliant on 2-costed value generators, but on its own it is hard to justify or build around.


sure, but a lot of them are not, some like suntide are viable budget options, others like mirkblood are actually just good cards. You have to realise that not every card is designed with the goal of being top tier in mind, some designs miss the mark for sure, but a lot of the card you called pack filler are just ones that had a differnet design goal than to be a top tier pick all the time.


I like big things that punch you in the face, so:

  1. Gargantuan Growth

  2. Cryonic Potential


GG- Give a minion Grow +2/+2 and make it grow at the start of each turn. Nets it a little more independence from other forced growth methods at cost of less immediate impact when paired to other forced growth tools.

For its cost Cryonic Potential already is quite potent when paired to freshly summoned minions (just summoned is coded as exhaustion), but… Stun a minion and give it +4/+4 and Provoke.
Note that this loses the ‘friendly’ wording, giving it a good deal of flexibility as both army buff, setpiece protection and stun fodder for le good ol’e Gauntlet.


It’s alright if some cards are stronger than others. In fact, diversity should be encouraged as much as possible. Of course, it would be nice if more of these weaker cards got to see play but nerfing strong minions will be a more pragmatic way of maintaining balance than buffing weak ones.


It ain’t even so much of a matter of power as is a matter of function, tbf. Nerfing the strong is necessary but won’t change that those are not practical - you’re basically going like “don’t worry, those old broken toys will be nice once the new shinier ones get scrapped”.

Can’t we have essentially decent toys all around instead of the latest model of Max Steel and half a ton of jiggly men made of bottlecaps, strings and paperclips?


I rarely have time to play to up there anymore, but many of them could hold up their own there (around 50-50). Some of them are so old that the meta just isn’t good for them right now, doesn’t mean that the cards themselves are unplayable. Mirkblood, RaCaChaCa, Wonky Hatefurnace and FlySwarm are actually decent choices against Wanderer.


Neurolink anyone?


Corpse Combustion :cry:


Scioness Sajj.


I’m busy this weekend, guys. Attending to some major conventions here. But already taking a look on those.


All right, step by step:

Neurolink AND Sajj’s BBS: lasts until your next turn. Think the possibilities like absorbing Forcefield and Taunt, as well the long-lasting minion murder.

Corpse Combustion: Revives up to 2 friendly DW minions destroyed THIS GAME near your general.


How 'bout my big boi Khymera? :slight_smile:


Amaranthine Vow. :lyogiggle:


Khymera can be done much in a way akin that Mag golem with grow and similar idea aaaand a bit of consistency: one token for as many tokens as you took damage, but a fixed species. If i were to make it Vanar those would be Howlers but any of Pandora’s wolves also suffices in size and power.

Amarantine… Tricky. I’ve seen people working it do don’t wanna take that away but… Summon an Ironcliffe and give you general “transfer damage taken to the highest health friendly minion” until your next turn?


Mass flight. Could be in good use for backstab decks.