Point me a janky card, i'll make it decent


We love to hate a lot of things here. Mostly Wanderer but also whatever is currently strongest and how many of the cards seems to be pack-fillers when we compare them to the eternal staples of each/all factions. I want to walk the other path and twist them into looking good, specially as i need to train my head to make my own future projects but i’m lacking the time to sit down and compile/research.

Shoot me your memey picks that you’d hope they could be better, and lets try our luck in making it good. Not perfect, not OMG MUST USE. Just decent.


make skyppy great :V


Simple, Gate(Kappa, no, do something about hexclaw pls)


Circle of Fabrication, Burden of Knowledge, Droplift.
Artifact Defiler, Joseki.
Echoing Shriek, Hexclaw.
Sky Burial, Channeled Breath.
Matron Elveti.
Mind Steal.



Joeski, Bombard, Seeker Squard, Call to Arms.


Astral Crusader


Draugar Eyolith


-komodo charger
-Planar scout
-swamp entangler
-Bluetip skorpion
-Ghost lynx
-Skyrock golem
-Bloodshard golem
-chaos elemental
-Silvertongue corsair
-mirkblood devourer
-Sand Burrower
-Saphier seer
-Wind Runner
-Wind Stopper
-Artifact hunter
-Black locust
-Camptain hank Hart
-Emerald Rejuvanator
-Fire Spitter
-Frostbone Naga
-Sun elemental
-Thorn Needler
-Golden Justicar
-Lux Ignis
-Rogue warden
-Sworn defender
-the high hand
-Twilight sorceror
-Diamond Golem
-Dust Wailer
-First sword of akrane
-Quatermaster Gauj
-Storm Aratha
-Dark Nemesis
-War talon
-Whistling blade
-Sunstone bracers
-Auryn nexus
-Fighting spirit
-Channeled breath
-War Surge
-Decorated Enlistee
-life coil
-Radiant Dragoon
-Sky burial
-Suntide Maiden
-Windcliffe alarmist and protector
-Halo bulwark
-call to arms
-Amaranthine vow
-Shadow waltz
-Crimson coil
-Celestial Phantom
-Jade Monk
-Kaido expert
-unbound energy amulet
-keshrai fanblade
-Storm sister
-Scarlet viper
-Seeker squad
-Storm Kage
-Koan of Horns
-Siphon energy
-Stone to spears
-Fountain of youth
-Sand Howler
-Mirage master
-Wind Shrike
-Circle of fabrication
-monolithic vision

May finish this later…its getting tedious.Im REALY generous here…everything that has REMOTE use is not listed(and didn,t even touch abyssian,vanar and magmar here which also have tons of useless cards)
All that stuff above is so bad that it can,t even be used for unique strats

CP is doing a terrible job here though…there is just SOOOOO much packfiller


@spammernoob but Skippy IS great :V
Ok, it is just that i personally like him a lot as is but understand how frustrating is to nab that useless Azalea as a non-Abyss. DW changed to “Equip your General a 1 Attack Relic of your enemy’s faction”. No much raw damage, but oh boy the utility.

Contextual. By reducing its attack to 4 i’d be open to either make its effect an OG or “at the start of EACH turn”, but i feel he’d be already in an ok spot if BoA wasn’t a transformation.

Lyonar exclusive. 6/5/8 Airdrop, this minion counts as your General for positional Effects.

7 mana, same body/build speed, slight rework into casting Blinding Snowstorm at the end of your turn (aka same thing, but dealing 1 damage).

I’ll take a better look soon into the largers lists but holy hell @terrarius chill down, i agree to an degree but a few at a time!


I guess by REMOTE use you don’t count gauntlet, cause a few of those cards you listed are auto picks there. Those same cards often see use in Wanderer decks too.



Circle of Fabrication: 4 Mana. Summon from your deck a random Obelysk that costs as much or less than the number of Obelysks you control.

Burden of Knowledge: draw a card, increase its mana cost by 1.

Droplift: Put an Artifact from your opponent’s deck in your hand, summon an Iron Devirsh in an random space near your General.

Artifact Defiler: Deal 2 damage to the enemy General and destroy a random equiped Artifact.

Joseki: both cards always have the same mana cost.

Echoing Shriek: Cost increased to 4., tags 2 or less Attack, transforms into FRIENDLY wraithlings.

Sky Burial: Dispel and deal 4 damage to an enemy minion.

Channeled Breath: play Brome. 3 Mana. Restore 2 Health to your General. Restore 2 more for each friendly minion.

Matron Elveti: OP: Give your General “takes 2 less damage from minions”.

Mindsteal: “… Give it +2/+2.”


Aw yiss gimme that new Shrek 8)


Super relevant to my interests: I was wondering today how easy it would be to make an auto-disenchant script that would quickly ban the crappy cards from your collection.
You’ve just made that quite more possible.


Let’s see now, for these cards I’ve done the following decks successfully:

-Planar Scout/Carcynus Hatefurnace
-RaCaChaCa (Rawr, Yun & Amu do some real good work there!)
-Elememental Memesis (ok that’s just lolz)
-Mirkblood is actually decent in swarm Abyss
-Artifact Swarm (Artifact Hunter)
-Mindwarper Arcanyst Sphynx
-Bbsfest Lilithe (Sanguinar & Grailmaster)
-Artillery Starhorn (Frostbone Naga)
-Flying Wish (Dust Wailer)

Tldr: creativity helps a lot if you’re bothered by all the unused cards in your collection


The lovely Ruby Rifter


Bombard: Summon 3 Heartseekers and give them Rush.

Seeker Squad: Summon 5 Heartseekers at either starting column.

Call to Arms: Then summon a Crestfallen in front of your General. (Or just play Buffer Wizard Brome).

@atheistmantis i quite enjoy the Magmar version i trew recently in the Design Discussion thread. Want me to retry it as something more neutral?


I want to see you playing any of that in high dia without getting murdered


so many of those cards are playable in constructed without even going into what is playable in gauntlet. you just aren’t trying to find a use for them and are blaming that on cpg.


Yes please! Possibly with Lyo, Abyss or Vet :slight_smile: .


Most of them are straight up outclassed by other cards