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Pls help with hyper swarm abyssian deck



Its already a pretty solid list. If you want to invest more spirits in this deck craft two additional dfc and Soul Grimwar, wich are the two strongest cards of the archetype.


shadow watcher is trash. Try to go for deathfire crescendo, or soul grimwar instead(I’m more of a grimwar person, since i like to drop a grimwar and then skorn to finish anybody off), based off of your play style. Shadow stalk is questionable at best. Void steal is not a great idea. If you want to go ahead and make sure you have lategame options, you can throw in a few shadowdancers(More midgame than laterange. If you do end up using it, then you ought to make sure that you have a more midrange decks as well). You’ll want to try and craft a few bloodbound mentors, they work well in hyperswarm. And Replicant is a great deck thinner, which also provides draw. It’s standard swarm fare.

This is a list I’m pretty fond of playing. It’s relatively budget too, and skorn catches nearly everybody unprepared. Vellumscry is the only card thats iffy, but I keep it in for deathwatch procs, and some draw, which this decks needs since it has such a low curve.

That being said, I amn’t exactly a hyperswarm expert, @miguelosz is the abyssian dude.

There’s also this thread which could help you.


I’m actually currently testing a budget midrange variant which comes close to the op deck in some (though not all) aspects. I’ll post the link also here after finishing my (slow) playtesting :slight_smile:


I hope it runs Sillouete and Grimwar


Mine is currently looking like this


That combo I have actually used quite a lot: Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space

But Grimwar is sadly not very budget-friendly :smiley:


man, don’t bother with replicant. opening with replicant t1p2 is literally shooting yourself in the foot (1 of them is always exposed to enemy general, the other wouldn’t be able to kill shit).

stats-wise, you’re giving up 1 mana each time you summon him too.
he’s really not worth it unless you’re spamming for omega, or you want to give metaltooth rush.


ty you all for the help i have now taken out 3 shadow watcher and 1 void steal.I now have 2 zxy and 2 blood Mentor. I save now for dfc and grim


if your opponent is magmar, you can do nothing

no good
void steal
shadow watcher

synergy cards(shadow dancer, soulgrimwar)
support wraithling(wraith crown)
rush minion(saberspine tiger, spectral revenant)
endgame minion(grandmaster variax)


Hyperswarm does not use cards costing 6+ mana. Also Tiger is a bit out of place here. Artifacts (like Wraithcrown which is indeed really good if you’re not strictly trying to hyperaggro) are actually really decent vs. Magmar, plus hyperswarm has a positive matchup vs. Wanderer Ragnora due to being “fast & interactive”.


The hyperswarm core IMO. Since two of the main payoff cards are legos its not that budget friendly. I don’t think hyperswarm should even play much at 4 mana and if you are going to play 5 mana cards, theres not much point in being hyperswarm. Consider stuff like mentor, furiosa, shroud, bloodtide, flameblood, zyx, and other tech to round off the remaining 9 cards.


That’s Seedy’s list afaik:


imo replicants act as deck thinner more than anything else. He also keeps your hand topped off, and provides free bodies for chakram, so I don’t see the harm, even if he doesn’t have any synergies.


idk man, i’ve been playing replicants on all sorts of things. I agree that those are replicant’s upsides, and i’ve been always suggesting them for those very reasons. but recently i’ve been playing -wtihout- them. It’s made me realize that they’re really bad openers. and worse, if you draw 2 of them, 1-2 of them are considered bricks in your hand, forcing you to spend a replace.
the 3rd card is a useless brick. believe me, you -WILL- draw the 3rd replicant. more than you’d like it to happen(which is never).
look at how it fares vs other deckthinners:
first-wish: draw something useful, boom topdeck
replicant: draw another replicant, another replicant. use me again, and you have a brick on your hand.

there’s also the issue of 2 mana being way too much for a deck thinner (see sphere of darkness). it’s awkward/subpar to play anything else after that.

there’s also the stats… 2/2. it loses to most 2 drops in the game, or ties at best vs them.
even worse, the harm is in the early game where i need keep up or i’ll get snowballed hard.

if i wanted draw/solid deck thinners that doesn’t fuck me over with horrible bang for manabuck, inkling surge, spelljammer, blazehound have me covered.

verdict: replicant is good on paper, but it just does everything it’s good at, really, really badly. i would never use it unless i’m trying to synergize metaltooth for the 2-mana makantor combo, which, i admit, is dope.

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