Please stop panting


I enjoy the animation of all the units. However, the panting when standing still on all the units is monotonous. Can you vary the standing still animation to maybe have different tempos or perhaps one of them wipe their sleeve or something different than heavy breathing?


I’d personally prefer things to stay the way there are. Consistent. When minions stand still, attack, move or die they act the way I expect them to. Adding some random animations doesn’t sound like it would help in any way really. It’s the first time I’m hearing someone complaining about this. Like, we already have enemy generals doing their animations when players are holding down the spells waiting to cast them and we can see where they’re targeting. Is that not enough to make waiting for the next turn a bit less painful? Seeing as you don’t alt-tab that is. Or did you make your suggestion because of an entirely different reason? I can’t imagine which one it would be though.


Half the units don’t even wear pants.


The uniform panting just drives me crazy. I do alt-tab at times to continue a Discord conversation. But from a design perspective, I would appreciate some variation to rhythm.


So it’s basically just a minor personal gripe? I doubt that’s enough to justify changing it.


i would rather have the devs working on new features and units than on adding one animation to every single unit


Not a gripe but a suggestion.


While they make a new unit, they could easily change from the boilerplate for model and try something different. They have to do the panting why not something different.


Suggestion based on your personal minor gripe. It’s all the same in the end. :slight_smile:


Indeed. While the panting is heavy, I still find it better than everyone doing random distracting things every few seconds.


It’s better if all minions have consistent animations, my toddler level attention span can’t handle having everything doing different things at once