Please recommend some legendary cards for returned user


What should I make?

Have 10670 Sprits


You don’t just “make legendaries”, lol. You need to decide what you want to play (faction, general, style) at the very least. Then come up with a build idea, or use a netdeck, and you willl know what legends you need.

Bear in mind we are hours into an expansion and nobody really knows what will be what for a while.


I agree with qeltar.

That being said I would get another Spelljammer and build a zoo deck. Spelljammer makes the game play like pre-1.5 (was it 1.5?), and the pacing makes it a lot of fun.


we wont know until after the meta stabilizes. we simply dont know which legendaries are super awesome or trash yet


Eh, you can always get the staples. Zenrui, Aymara, Regalia, Grovekeeper, etc.


Nimbus seems like an excellent legendary minion. Think a mommy taygete that makes baby taygetties.


Not recommended for anyone on a budget until they decide what to play. Aymara and Regalia are faction-specific, Zenrui is good but not in every deck, Grovekeeper even more.

10k spirit sounds like a lot but isn’t actually very much in a game where you use 3 of the same legendary per deck.


Thx you for your answers.
I always enjoying battles between minions.
on the other hand, I don’t like uninteractive decks as like spellhi.

before 1.6 patch, I prefer Magmar and Lyonar.


One thing that I convince is I don’t wanna play Songhi.
And I’m pretty sure that I’ll play Magmar and Lyonar