Please help me counter lyonar


I have been struggling in ladder with Lyonar. What sort of cards are good to counter them. I usually play Vetruvian, and Magmar. Thanks for any help.


Add 1x, arguably 2x hollow in your deck. Alternatively just pack a bit more removal than usual. Have in mind that trying too hard a certain matchup will actually just decrease your overall winrate rather than increase it.


Vetruvian shouldn’t have much issues with Lyonar. sajj is very good vs them, good cards in the lyonar matchup are aymara, hexblade, falcius, entropic decay and dominate will. Magmar has Plasma Storm ad egg morph, and in theory also Natural selection, but the latter just isn’t worth running, since its pretty pointless in most other matchups. Can’t think of any other good tech cards for magmar atm.