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Please help me build a backstap deck

So I already know what cards I want to use but I can’t seem to figure out right proportions. Therefore I decided to ask you guys for help. Let me tell you what combos do I want to use in my deck first;
1.Obscuring Blow+Meditate+alcuin loremaster/alcuin fugitive=lets me shuffle 5x obscuring blows to the deck and then copy meditate to shuffle another 5x copies of obscuring blow. I want x3 Obscuring blows and x3 meditate in my deck and at least 1x alcuin loremaster/alcuin fugitive.
2.Bangle of blinding strike+unbounded energy amulet=lets my general backstab twice and move 6 squares per turn if i need to run away to draw.
3.Ornate Hiogi+Second Sword Sarugi=Since I want most of my cards to be mostly 0-2 mana spells, then this combo lets me shuffle through my deck in 1 turn.
4.Massacre artist+mist dragon seal=in case my enemy is hugging the wall scared of my x26 backstap general this combo allows me to backstap them to the face.
5.Storm Kage+Second Sword Sarugi=Since Kage Lightning is a 2 mana deal 5 damage spell and Storm Kage give this spell when a spell deal damage and SSS reduce spell cost by 2, this combo can potentially deal infinite minion damage per turn. Something like hearthstone exodia mage deck, but for minions. I am not sure should I include this combo to my backstab deck, but it’s a possibility.
6.Twilight fox+BBS=teleports one enemy behind my general, allowing me to remove 1 enemy per turn.
7.Substitution+Mist dragon seal/Juxtaposition=Allows me to combo teleport minion to any space, then swap my general and minion position for a teleport general to any space.
8.Four winds magi+Second Sword Sarugi+Ornate Hiogi+ 0-2 mana spells=potential heal 25 and deal 25 dmg.
9.1x Heaven’s eclipse+Ornate Hiogi=Since 3x Ornate Hiogi is already too much card draw for the type of deck I have in mind, then including one Heaven’s eclipse might seem stupid, but sometimes Ornate Hiogi need a headstart draw to start rolling in case 1 or 2 minions are in the line of 0-2 mana spell draws.
10.Onyx Bear seal/phoenix fire= for some early game heavy close range removal and long range light removal (before we get x26 backstap)
11.Second Self/Mirrorim+Massacre Artist/Four winds magi/Twilight fox/Second Sword Sarugi/Storm Kage= allows me to include only one of each minion in the deck, giving me much needed deck-space and rely on this second self/mirrorim to use copies of those minions.
12.Mask of shadows=??? Do I really need this artifact if I already have 15+ obscuring blows in my deck? Also artifacts get removed after 3 hits, while obscuring blow stays for whole game if enemy doesn’t have specific silence.
13.Mistwalking/Flicker/Mist Dragon Seal+Substitution/Bangle of Blinding Strike/Unbounded energy amulet/ BBS move general +1 square / BBS move enemy +1 square/Massacre Artist/Twilight Fox/Grandmaster Zendo/Repulsor Beast/Paddo/Juxtaposition=Those are my options to position myself for backstab
14.Pandatentiary=??? Seems like a perfect spell when positioned behind enemy general with Bangle of Blinding Strike to lock them into position and quadruple backstab, but it seems so situational that i’m not even sure should I include 1 copy of this spell.
15.Tusk Boar/Cyclone mask=alternate removals for point nr. 10.

So what do you guys think? What are the perfect proportions of these combo cards?
All bagum images of your ideas for this type of deck will be hugely appreaciated.
Please do my dirty work, my head is already exploding from thinking about this deck.


I feel a great urge to just put a Wanderer into this mess and visit the ladder. :smile:

Have you visited https://duelspot.com/?s=backstab ?


I’m checking your link now, very helpful, thanks. :heart_eyes:

I like this deck a lot

Also wanderer is not an option in this type of deck, because obscuring blow x3 + meditate x3 + alcuin is a musthave :stuck_out_tongue:

Another combo I just came up with is;
second self x3 on mirrorim gives another x3 mirrorims, for a total of x6 mirrorims, which can add 18 minions to the deck. Add alcuin fugitive to the mix and there you go, you have infinite minions :smiley:
for infinite spells cast meditate after desired spell copy, with alcuin fugitive on board, will add 5 desired spell each turn to the deck for 0 mana.
Also I need to test Pandamonium -> Kill friendly Ironclad in the same turn. Does that turn all minions into panddos that cannot be attack for 1 turn, then silence them so they stay 0/2 forever? That would be stupid op :open_mouth:

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I included only one of each desired minion to combo backstap, because I want my ornate hiogi to draw spells, not minions.
I made this deck with few combos in mind;

Mirrorim->on mirrorim= used 2 mirrorims, gained 3 mirrorims.

desired minion->mirrorim desired minion->exact self mirrorim->mirrorim desired minion= +6 copies of desired minion in deck. Add Alcuin fugitive to the mix and you can add +3 copies each turn. That’s why I have x3 mirrorim and x3 alcuin fugitive.

obscuring blow on general->meditate= +5 copies of obscuring blow. With alcuin fugitive on board we can copy meditate and add another +5 copies each turn.

Onyx bear seal->Bamboozle=removal + draw 6 cards or double removal for 6 mana is a good deal.
One Ornate Hiogi=I only added one because we really want to draw it end-game, when we have infinite 1 mana obscuring blows in the deck and Second sword sarugi on board.
Twilight fox, massacre artist, zendo and four winds magi are there to be copied by mirrorims and combo with infinite casts of obscuring blow on general.
Triple flicker because it’s soo good with infinite obscuring blows. Also triple bangle because double backstabs.
Consider a combo;
Enemy is hugging wall->You have 9 mana, drop zendo and equip bangle->enemy general moves forward->You Flicker behind them, then cast pandatentiary and backstab twice->enemy under zendo control backstabs himself->you do another double backstab.


Backstap: when this minion backstabs an enemy, teleport it one space forward. Destroy it if it would teleport past the edge or onto an occupied space.


How are your first tests with this deck?


It’s very fun but sadly I can’t really tell is it viable or not. Sometimes the draw is so bad that it’s impossible to do anything.


Time to destroy some generals then :wink:


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