Please give lyonar a ramp card


just making it short and simple please give lyonar a 2 mana minion ramp card that says. open gambit gain one extra mana crystal permanently : draw a card if played by turn 8 stats can be 2-3 or 2-4 i dont mind :slight_smile:


Slo is one of the best ramp cards in the game.


o.O not so impactful to me its only used in swarm decks … my version of control uses stormblades n grandmaster zir


Hmm, it is an achievment. For winning the design contest, y’know, the one hosted by the community


Rayqyee is well know for his sarcasm. And “Design God” is an achievement.

If you were being sarcastic, ignore this


This lack of trust pains me.


figured as much lol


Well, at least you are aware as to why it’s there


Going to lock thread, no discussion going on.