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Please critique my Grincher Vaath


Please critique my Grincher Vaath list. :slight_smile:
I have a problem with it: With so many strong or fun stuff to play every turn, I can never discipline myself to use the BBS.

Good things I got from Grincher: Iris Barrier, Cyclone Mask, Skywind Glaives. Crap is also frequent, but that’s par for the course. :slight_smile:

Edit: thanks to @fr0stfyre1 :slight_smile:



Eh no particular strategy, but if you’re playing groovy lion, then you ought to be playing artifacts in which case, you ought to have crypto, in which case iridium scale is a must, and if you’re doing that, concede against all kha-kha lists. Anything I missed? Oh yeah check out this, its very comprehensive.


Thank you for this entertaining read! :smiley:
You think that more artifacts can benefit from the Forcefield, I can agree but this is not a dedicated muscle list, it’s more of a “lol things you haven’t been playing around” list.


Well the presence of celebrant confuses me greatly. It doesn’t feel like dedicated golem, and kujata is useless wnear useless without high value targets to ramp. And Decimus seems almost unwarranted with all this in it… I would think it is a great idea to toss blaze hound, and to go with your flow, throw a couple of vindicators in there, or just put in flash, which is really the best magmar card. If that is the case, then I would suggest tossing in visionar’s or mortar maws, both of which are excellent, but underused. Mortar maw especially.

So in summary toss celebrant or hound for something more interesting.


Thanks! I will give it a spin with your ideas.


You accidently used vaath instead of rag


I’m surprised you’re not running silhouette tracer, it’s such a good card when playing any vaath deck as teleportation + meaty lizard boi = greatness

Plus it helps with the lack of reach and “ranged answers,” but that’s not the point of your deck :wink:


Too many wins off this card. WAY. TOO. MANY.


I agree, but I couldn’t find the place for it…

Here’s an update conforming to the Teleporting Smash Vaath trope, foregoing some ramp and the Decimus angle:


15 characters and a happy new year


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