Please adjust the division curve


I would like to see some form of an adjustment to the divisions. Nothing is worse than having new or poor players face off in bronze and silver against someone with a dozen or more battle ribbons from the diamond rank. The only thing this accomplishes is the newer guys getting slaughtered and free points for the big dogs.

Maybe make Bronze 20 down to 1 and then go to silver (2 wins per rank til 10 then 3 per til 0)
then Silver from 20 down to 1 and go to gold (3 wins per rank down to 10 then 4 per down to 1)
Gold from 20 down to 1 then making it to diamond (4 wins per for whole division)
Diamond 10 down to 1 to get to S rank. (diamond 5 wins per down to S rank)

Also make it so people cannot battle people more than 5 numerical ranks lower than their own division. For example a gold player could battle someone in silver who was rank 5 through 1 (people close to getting to the next division).
This would also separate the players who are the real cream of the crop, guys with S rank would really have some bragging rights.


These suggestions are pretty good…for a game with a better playerbase.

Here we choose between waiting for an eternity for a fair matchup or playing faster but with whatever fate brings. And devs chose the latter.

Hope you understand.


Bring 2 friends to the game and make sure that one sticks and brings his friends. There is no other cure to this problem.


Hmm, good point. Maybe if the company would throw some compensation to some of the really big twitch streamers they could have them do an event stream. Sort of like when Gillette sponsored JP to shave his beard. That would garner tens of thousands of views and possibly 1000 new players. If even half of them stuck around it would be good for business. shrugs


It’s kind of a paradox though. Promotion streams are meant to get more people playing the game. But to be able to provide big incentives for streamers, you probably need to already have a large player base hopefully helping to bring in revenue to provide for those streamers.

You need X to get Y, but you need Y to get X. It can be a struggle.


Personal opinion but I feel like promoting and pushing existing Duelyst streamers. Could be done through something like Artificer academy but could also be pushed even more. Giving access to the official Duelyst channel for streams or by maybe even a front page host for the streamer with the most follower growth over a month of something. (All of these aren’t very thought out suggestions but I’d rather push existing streamers rather than pay bigger outside ones since the outside ones don’t really get people into the community)


It would probably help if Duelyst streamers integrate content from more popular games, and help the player bases in those games sort of migrate over to Duelyst. Perhaps projects like Artifact have hidden opportunities for Duelyst’s growth.

I know I can’t tell streamers what to do, but it’s a thought, and variety in content typically helps streamers grow anyway.


Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we’re pretty small and without regular content updates I’d say it’d probably be more likely that we see Duelyst streamers moving over to be other games if they began to catch on there rather than the other way around unless some pretty serious incentives were being offered. Being a content creator takes a ton of work and even doing that there isn’t a guarantee that it’ll be sustainable so if they do find something that is sustainable I don’t fault them for moving over to that even for just a second.


I guess it seems a bit too optimistic.

I can’t blame streamers for going wherever will bring them the most popularity and success. It’s ultimately the goal for content creators to help build a strong viewer base.

And yeah, change doesn’t happen as often here in Dooly Land as in other games, so stagnation is a struggle in itself. Without content updates, you see something once, you’ve seen it a thousand times. I’ll say that on more than one occasion, I’ve visited streams solely for the sense of community rather than gameplay. For the streamer, this is a big deal. For the game, not so much.


I have no clue to the inner workings of the big streamers but it would seem like a win / win if the company offered them an account fully unlocked (all cards etc) and a check for 1000.00 dollars / stream to feature their game or product for a Sunday afternoon once a month for a few months. I bet JP made a small fortune off Gillette for the shave episode. All he did was stream what he wanted and made sure to talk about Gillette corporation and how he liked the way the razor worked vs his big bushy streamer beard. Guys like Cohh, Towelliee, Bikeman, Burke come to mind. They are variety streamers (except Towelliee, but he does different stuff on Sundays). When the big streamers on twitch stream a game the sales on the game immediately jump up on steam, that is a fact. Punch Club was a prime example, fun little indie game that a big streamer got as a gift and then its sales made front page of steam. Anyways I digress, that is something for BANDAI NAMCO to figure out.


They actually did do a big push right at the start of the partnership between Bandai and CPG and there were a bunch of bigger name streamers paid to do that. Had like Hafu, DansGaming, Kripp ect ect, also way earlier on I know CPG had been sponsoring people like Trump and Firebat and they had a long term thing with Kibler (hence why Shiro is in the game) I’m not sure the actual pull it had though and I feel as though if that was a net positive strategy they wouldn’t have stopped.


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