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Playing Ramp and Midrange made me realize why i enjoy aggro over all playstyles [now it's just a thread about how deceptibot had a stealth buff that allows him to proc his effect multiple times]

they concede even before i could even pop my meme. I mean come on??? It was a damn effort to summon my deceptibot with your trial completed. Would it kill you to not press the concede button before I Flying-Blast you with a deceptibot to summon two Flying Blast SILVERS?

it totally would, but you know what i mean

ya surrender with grace vs meta, but to ya take it like a hardened general when it’s a meme.

that said, would it be better if i throw in a silvertooth in a deceptibot-silver deck in hopes of getting rush?

also, how well does purgatos roll with K-Proj?


Purgatos like Thunderhorn procs his effect for each target you hit with Blast. Deceptibot on the other hand only summons one Mech even if you blast a whole row of minions with him.

Also I gotta appreciate seeing Astral Phasing again, that card is one of my favourite Vet cards and I enjoyed Flying Thunderhorns, Swords of Mechaz0r!s and Wild tahrs back in my day.


Yo that’s the plan! i will have to tweak my deck to run more endgame minions though. I’m glad it works that way!

for real? gdi see I didn’t even know. that’s how much people concede

back in your day? i kind thought flying frenzies would make lots of sense what with ragnoras and maehvs around. eggs and sarlaccs are really nice targets for those.

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You just discovered the true power. No deck can compete with Concede, trust a master :wink:


MY DUDE, IT SUMMONED TWO SILVERS WITH BLAST. 10/10 frankly this has been the best meme i’ve played this year.


It should work like Thunderhorn and Purgatos I think. If I understand you correctly, it does, right?

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That’s right! I K-proj-ed two small minions by brome and was rewarded with two SILVER mechs with blast. really nice.


Thank you! I summoned 2 Nightmare Operants and a Mechaz0r in one swing of a Chakram-fueled Deceptibot once against the computer, but I was starting to doubt my memory.


What! Pre-nerf Deciptibot didn’t do that when I tried that combo. It looks like they buffed him sometime recently. But now that it is possible you are really making me wish I had some Deceptibots to make a janky deck with.


It’s a hella dank combo. I tried it while holding onto a metaltooth. 2-4 blast rush is no joke. It’s hella worth. craft it my dude

Oh Deceptibot will definitely be next on my to craft list. That is as soon as I finish the last deck for the “Building memes” forum game.

Deceptibot doesn’t summon on-hit, it summons on-kill. Maybe that’s why you have varying info. You should actually kill multiple targets to summon multiple mechs.

I dunno if this is a bit off topic, but I dislike playing aggro. Even when I play Aggro Reva to climb some ranks, it still feels weird to play and sometimes make bad decisions because of how awkward it feels. I am much better with midrange, control, or burn.

I have a set of Deceptibot because reasons and I’ve had a pair of backpocket Silvers for a while now.

The time has come.

I shall propagate this meme.

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No, I clearly remember killing multiple minions at once while I was testing the Deceptibot + Kinematic Projection and getting only one S.I.L.V.E.R. . Granted, I tested this in the beginning of IV before Decptibot got nerfed and it is quite possible that something in the code has changed since then.

I also tested this at the very beginning of Deceptibot and it worked the same as now. Strange.

The metal gods bless you, please come back with magnificent replays.

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