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Playing Midrange Lillithe 2 days in rank 13 need advice


So I’ve been playing for 2 days and I’m absolutely in love with the game! I dropped some money and managed to craft Deathadvocate’s midrange Lillithe deck (https://m.imgur.com/AWAwT3B) and I have it all except 2 vorpal reavers. Any suggestions that are rare or common or cheaper until I can craft them? I’ve tried all sorts of things, currently using 2 diamond golem, also tried the guy who makes your hero power awesome but he seemed janky in the deck.

What do I look for in mulligan? Rush minions and phantasms? Do I use demonic leash to just clear things on an otherwise dead turn early game? Do I hold dark fire sacrifice? Do I use inkling surge if I have nothing else to do without a voiding? Is it OK to use inking surge to deny my opponent the mana thing? Do I use grasp of agony when I have the mana or do I hold it for burst?

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I have a fairly detailed write up on my master thread.

Vorpal reaver is pretty crucial to the deck, id honestly probably play something a bit different without it.

Take a gander through my thread, and if you still have questions or want some help budgeting hit me up again.

Questions my write up doesent answer:

Removal is valuable, don’t waste a lure just because you have spare mana. It is ok to not spend all your mana.

You want to use darkfire early, or in combo with desolator, its a safe replace in the mid game.

Inkling surge is a great opening play to contest globes, or if you need to ritual/darkfire, or of course to be used if you have wraiths on board, but no you don’t just use it because you have nothing else to do, again it is ok to not spend all your mana.

Grasp is a tech card you don’t just use it just because. Your not an aggro deck you dont need to push damage quickly, you have the late game. Grasp is to be used to counter various swarm stratgies or walls, and usually replaced the rest of the time unless you can line up a multikill with it sometimes by combining it with lure.

Its important to manage your resources and not just dump as much of your hand as your mana allows, you will run out of cards if you do that.


Hey @deathsadvocate,

I actually found your thread as a suggestion under mine and I had problems navigating the site on mobile before, my bad and thank you for your patience.

I crafted the 2 other reavers today, and I noticed the deck became extremely more consistent. I’m just getting used to match ups, but it seems like my hardest counter where I am is different variants of songhai.

I hit legend in hearth stone and played yugioh in tournaments and it’s definitely a different dynamic in duelyst that takes some adjusting to. Card advantage and tempo in this game are hard for me to understand at times. I get dark fire big threat out early but if it’s removed I feel blown out

Also for the most part unless my reaver is at 8 attack or more, I try to use it to trade and proc his effect. Is that correct? I’ve also realized the danger of dropping desolator withb5 cards in hand and how game throwing it seems to be. So a turn 1 spectral blade is acceptable in this meta or is it advised to hold?

Thank you so much for your time and answer previously <3


Turn one blade is great. It’s well teched for Songhai with its excess healing, but Songhai is just sort of toxic and draw dependent so that’s not your fault. Just always dig for healing when you see them, and as usual be conservative with your health since your not an aggro deck.

Trading with reaper is neither right nor wrong. It’s rather match up and situationally dependant, usualy going face with it is better since it’s going to force your opponent to trade.


Sounds like you just need time to learn the game, the tools and the deck. I don’t consider this an easy deck to play for beginners due to its extremely large pile of tools and high number of spells, each of which can be used over others in certain situations.

In general, toss back DFS if you don’t have a target (wraithling, Desolator) or something to ramp (big minion, Desolator) or if you simply have a small hand (unless you’re using it on Desolator).

I haven’t played much with Inkling Surge, but denying mana is good, and if you have the mana why not, especially if you have a wraithling on board.

I’d work on knowing when to go aggro and when not to. Grasp, Rush minions and Phantasm can deal a lot of damage very fast, while Desolator and EMP can save the long game.

Keep Phantasm early if you need a 2 drop, and unless you’re playing Phantasm, toss back big things for later. If Phantasm is on board, hold that Revenant for big buffs. Other cards depend on the matchup. Always hold Grasp against Lilithe, etc. You’ll get a feel for it as you play more, and learn what to play around.


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