Playing as both players


I don’t believe so ( the celerity ranged is enough incentive for me to want to play it.)


komodo hunter’s, since they make for cheap but big bodies, and are your main source of antisummons.


It’s great to see that the deck actually can work! Though I think I might cut venom tooth, since there isn’t very many ways that tooth can be useful(and since I’m a little short on spirit lol) I think the first deck looks a bit beter though, in terms of staying true to the concept. I’m planning on wasting some of my spirit to get a few of the cards I don’t have.

Just a question, do you know all the spriggin drops? Do they usually provide more of an advantage to you or your opponent?


I like toth quite a bit, it actually sees some play in aggro list sideboards, but this is certainly not aggro. If you are skipping it though then that makes room for the metallurgist/Rage binder package in place of kujata/heal.

Second list has a gimmick built onto a top tier deck, first list is a gimmick on a gimmick with a few strong cards. Second list is definitely stronger, but both do work.



Even in this deck Chirpuka would be bad?


I would think that Chirpuka would work fine, only it doesn’t really synergize with the whole anti-summon package. IT could work, but finding space for it is as always a problem.


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