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Playing as both players


I’ve been thinking about this deck for a while now, and have some of the major investments for it, but I need help building on it. Quick theorycraft of it; It would be running a shell something like this:-

The general idea is to force spawns, with both spriggin, and komodo. Which make for great combos. Venom Tooth eats removal hard, allowing your rizen to stick. Seven mana rizen komodo could really be something. or the eight mana(with flash) rizen + spriggin combo is even nicer, giving you upto three eggs, an 8/6 provoke, and some more stuff.

However, I’m not particularly familiar with spriggin spawns so idk. Apex, can also work with some of this stuff. I guess you could run it alongside a Spellmar build with removal and abjudicator, so that you can play spells early. Just some thoughts. Any ideas as to where I should go from here?


I know, I know!

Put Makantor here.

But seriously, you probably need some AoE to deal with those minions you summon for your opponent.


Thunderhorn, and storm or rebuke maybe? Playing thunderhorn first, before you combo out anything else?


T-horn, yes. Rebuke and Plasma are both good, but you have a problem here, even 2.

They dilute your Apex hand.

They (especially rebuke) can kill your own minions.

So I would probably go for minion based AoE. Like Tahr and Unicorn of Death. The latter is bad for Apex though…

I’m not good at playing Magmar at all, maybe I miss something.


Diretide Frenzy could also be good pseudo-AoE for this deck


The same problem. When we play Apex we want as few spells as possible.


Bonereaper? Bit slow, but should work ok with Apex.


Have you ever considered Scarzig?


How would Scarzig work with this actually? I mean sure its a nice card, but how on earth can you kill something with scarzig here? I doubt it would survive, and frankly is just a terrible pain to activate in magmar. Its usually best in Songhai.

@alplod Actually I should think that I might go with either the pony of death, or rebuke. Rebuke works fine I think, since it will still leave in all those nice and shiny eggs that rizen leaves behind. But honestly I dunno.

@miguelosz I think bonereaper might work, though its a little antisynergetic with apex, since bonereaper is all about the positioning, and apex randomly drops it.


Pop a Komodo Charger or a Spriggin token.


Ah. well thats actually a nice idea. But it really eats up your spirit doesn’t it? That means I should toss in a few mirrorims as well I suppose.


It’s a fun idea but you shouldn’t feel obligated to blow 2700 spirit on what is usually an underwhelming card. Just throwing it out there for memes.


I tried building around scarzig, but I think scarzig really doesn’t fit the archetype. It’s useful against komodo spawns, or those spriggin spawns, but requires a dedicated base.

anyhow, I came up with somehing that looks like this,

Though I feel that bonereaper could be cut, for makantor instead. Ironclad is really only there for its synergy with apex. kujata for ramp, and maw for more removal. The deck would Ideally aim to keep the opponent locked down with loads of threats, while you try to get rizen hunter or rizen spriggin active.


Huh this is really innovative I am intrigued, here is my Apex Mill deck that works off of a similar principal.


I had completely dismissed the idea of still trying to make it do damage. Shame sprig/komodo are OGs that dont work with Apex or you could be on to a nasty otk. But that being said I do want to see how much damage we can make a venom tooth do with apex.

Will edit in/reply with some more ideas soon.


Makantor is definitely a better option, with Apex especially. Should be 3-off.

Also, I’m not sold on maw, and you have no healing.

What do you plan to mirror btw?


Here is my rough idea:


have the anti minion summoning package mixed with sprig/komodo. Anti summon package is also pretty cool with apex its self, and negative opening gambits like sprig/komodo/lucy wont activate on apex cast which is good standalone allthough a bit dissapointing for our anti summon dudes.

Aether for consistency, Kujata to ramp out spriggans and friends, and then just some good tech.

Or alternatively:


Using the standard midrange starhorn package but going for the anti minion summoning crew rather then the usual rebuke/plasma package as they serve a similar purpose.

Good times :smiley:

Given decispikes did most of the work, but we got to pull off some crazy working as intended combos.

Help me flesh out this meme (Scarzig+Rizen)

@fr0stfyre1, @deathsadvocate, guys, I definitely love this idea and will be crafting Apex as soon as I can :kissing_heart:


Ah jeez…this poor maev. Spikes not even needed that game.


I am a bit skeptical of the Apex variant, but I am loving the midrange one.


throw in a grailmaster for memes


Remind me, can it get Rush?