Players giving up before the match even starts?


My last match for the day was, or could have been a round of my Vetruvians led by Starstrider versus Songhai with their first general, but the player conceded before i had even chosen my cards, let alone done anything. At first I thought the player either didn’t want to play against Vetruvian or becasuse they felt it was a bad matchup (which I would disagree with, but I’m still fairly new so I don’t know) but then i noticed all my friends were offline all of a sudden. Coincidence or connection erro? I can only wonder.


Probably just had to leave for IRL reasons. I’ve done that a few times.


Dunno if it helps or explain, but currently, all the Vet decks looks the same (Pax, Pax, Falcius, Falcius, Nimbus, Aymara, Aymara), to me it’s boring.
So, I have a maximum of 4 or 5 Vet-Flavor-of-the-month fights per gaming session, after that, I just concede on start, even before looking at my cards. So yes, sometime, I just concede more than 20 Vet matches in a single session (my best being, iirc, 6 in a row).

I’m happy to propulse them to the next tier in the ladder, for free and with minimal effort where more patient and skilled player will deal with them.

It’s all about keeping the game fun, I prefer being spanked by a weird, even clunky, but funny deck than to struggle and win (or lose) versus the same Vet deck everyone is playing :wink:


Do not insta-surrender to my Vetruvian deck then, as it’s very different :slight_smile:


When you’re the 10th of the day, being Artifact, Obelysk, Mirage/Dominate or whatever, sorry Vets, you all look the same to me :grin:

Maybe I’m just unlucky, maybe it’s RNG but despite 6 factions, 50% of my opponents are Vetruvians :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think the build you’re describing is even the best build of Vetruvian. I just hit S with Vetruvian in very dominant fashion and I’m not running Pax, Nimbus or any Obelysks whatsoever.


I’m not describing “a build”, I’m just voicing the fact that a faction, at this moment, is boring me. And that may explain some concerns from the original poster, if some other are doing the same as I do.

Congratulations on your S-rank (wtf ? nobody cares), I’ve sent dozens people to higher ranks without even seeing their build by just conceding, maybe you should thank me and owe me a chevron :wink:

The keyword here is Vetruvian, as I told before, maybe I’m wrong but to me (emphasis, personal opinion), everyone and his mother is playing Vetruvian, and to me (again), it’s boring.

So it’s my right to concede on start (to get back on topic) when I’m fed up to see the same faction.

On the next meta (or month), if 50% of my opponents are playing Spellhai, I’ll just switch and start to auto-concede on them too.