Players distribution after season reset


I used to hit Diamond in the last few seasons, but this month I played weird decks, tilted and misplayed quite a lot, so I ended up hitting only Rank 6. I was surprised to realise today that my rank was reset to 18, while it used to be reset to 11 when I ended the season in the Diamond division.

I think this is weird: one rank difference implies 7 ranks difference at the beginning of the season. This is not a complaint, I don’t care too much about climbing to the top of the ladder, but I’m surprised to see this huge gap in the Silver divison upon season reset.

Why is that? I believe that a more uniform distribution of players on the Silver division would be beneficial to everyone. This way, new players won’t be crushed by expert players hitting Rank 6 and good Diamond players won’t be matched up against top S-Rank players.


Diamond is nearly S Rank anyways, and Silver is really nothing to a Diamond or S player. Doesn’t matter much.


This isnt a issue dropping to 18 is no big deal,If the player is really a “diamond” level player they will easily make a run to 11 with the win streaks.New players won’t be crushed.

The system is simple to program make Diamond or S drop start at 11 no need add if the player was rank 6 put them at 15,if they were 7 put them at 16,etc.It is unnecessary complication.


Mh, I’m not totally convinced by these arguments. I’m not worried about me not reaching rank 11 relatively soon, I’m more concerned about the fact that the current system matches players with extremely different levels of skill at the beginning of the season.

At rank 18, you will find both new players who just hit Silver and good players with full collections who just got reset. Similarly, at rank 11 you will find both players who ended up the season at rank 5 and top players hitting S-Rank.

This eventually smooths out as long as the season progresses, but it’s no mystery that many people don’t enjoy the grinding at the beginning of the season. Why aren’t just players distributed more evenly?


If the skill level is that extreme in difference,the players will literally be out of that level in a day.I am little less skilled so it take me awhile longer but I have seen players Hsuku,Grinch,Kolos,Goodguy Hopper,etc in space of day from gold to rank 1 or S-rank.

The win bonus boost people quickly out of levels they don’t belong in,It isn’t the end of the world that one day in season a player has to play against someone way better than them.


I don’t see that like a problem (and i like when you get to beat a 200 faction ribbon s-rank player with your obelisk zirix with only 3 legendary and 3 epic)

And as already said, in a two or three days everyone will be in the right rank, more or less.

The real problem in match making is that there isn’t a real “level” of the player outside of rank, so the options are :

Make high rankers start high (but then they can’t try “fun” decks or learn to use them, or just relax)

add some low ranks in addition to give space to new player and/grinding ones (no s-rank allowed)

Add a non ranked mode to let other players to ladder while you play

That is what comes to mind.


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