Player for over a year and a half, but


I’m done for now.

It wasn’t that the most recent expansion wasn’t enough, as it was a step in the right direction. It wasn’t the change in ownership, that’s fine.

It has to do with neglected balance issues that have existed for a long time. We’re continually promised cards in the ‘future’ which will minimize the effect of overpowered cards and combos, or that these ‘future’ cards will breathe new life into weaker generals and sets. Sometimes this is true, but some of the most egregious combos and cards are simply ignored by the devs… who must somehow hope we forget they exist. There are many offenders, and many will defend the current meta, but the specific set that’s tilted me into leaving is Magmar direct damage.

Magmar has too many cards that achieve an effect on the board immediately, and without the opponent being able to react or reasonably position to nullify them.

Makantor’s been overpowered for the entire existence of the game, and there’s no good way to play around it. Hasn’t been tweaked in the entire time I’ve been playing, and yet it’s still an auto-include. It’s always been a ridiculous card, and releasing cards like Night Watcher instead of actually balancing this card is pathetic.

Decimus + Tectonic Spikes is ridiculous. It can be played immediately, you get a solid body, 9 direct damage, and 3 cards for 7 mana… It’s simply too much considering the combo can be used again and again if the opponent can’t deal with Decimus. It’s a melee valued body that acts like a ranged unit. The last game I played the opponent hit me with the combo, I didn’t deal with Decimus, so he threw the same combo the next turn with a second Decimus and Spikes. Is this type of play what you want, CPG? Bandai? I haven’t even mentioned the fact that he was running a Starhorn Mech deck, Mech being another of the ridiculous card sets simply allowed to exist. The ‘weakness’ of the mechs is NOT enough, and never has been, to negate the value of Mechazor being placed for free.

There are just so many issues at the moment that have never been addressed because the devs either have no idea how to balance or are too partial to the cards they’ve created to change them. Honestly though, I don’t get it and I never have. These simply don’t math out, and yet they persist. Patch after patch, tweak after tweak, and ridiculous cards are allowed to continue to exist like they’re grandfathered in.

I’m taking a break from this shit show. I would tell you to learn to balance, CPG, but if you haven’t figured it out by now I don’t think you ever will.


Can I have your account ?


Like it or not, but these cards don’t get touched because CPG considers them to be just fine balance wise. Really strong, yes, but not too strong. And given the underlying mentality of this game to be really fast and the assumption that CPG wants games to end around 7 - 8 mana, they probably are ok. Cards in that mana region are supposed to end games quickly.


Songhai is way more notorious for out of hand damage, and unlike magmar no amount of positioning can save you from it.

Every faction has overpowered auto includes. This is not a bad thing. It adds to the quick games they are aiming for and keeps things exciting. The game also has an excess of efficient answers so these overpowered cards are very easy to answer, if your just going all timmy and not including answers and or draw power to consistently find your answers that is your fault not the games.

The meta is extremely balanced, far more then in over a year and a half.

Mechs are easy to counter, and magmar doesn’t even have position changers so they are the least offensive mech runners.

The only problems the game has are RNG related, and shady buisness practices of late.


I understand you’re just playing devil’s advocate, but considering you play Magmar and you don’t play Songhai I’m going to take what you say with a grain of salt.

Also, the entire point is that these are ‘out of hand’ cards and combos… that means that the ‘efficient answers’ you espouse don’t exist. You can’t answer immediate effects like the Decimus combo or Makantor, they happen and you take it.

I’m editing this again b/c wtf. Starhorn is THE mech runner. Calling Magmar the least offensive in this regard is just silly. You secure the option to drop Mechazor earlier than anyone else with regularity… THAT is what’s offensive about it. He’s one of the only mech decks you’ll see in tourney. Capitulate all you want, as people with money in the game often do, but don’t expect me to buy what you’re shovelin’.


I won’t comment on mechs (they’ve been a heavily debated topic for as long as I remember) and the decispikes combo (I definitely feel this one could get some reworking, especially since I believe Starhorn is at a point where he doesn’t need it to be a viable pick in the meta). I will say however that cpg had been trying to address problems in the meta though.

For examples, Magesworn is a great tech against the horrible Vanarcanyst meta to counter their cheap spells. Superior Mirage is a great punish for rush units (particularly makantor, elucidator and revannent), and thunderhorn is a very strong option against Magmar in general (4 attack, 5 health, hard to use lavaslasher on). I do, however, respect your decision, and hope you have a good rest of your day :slight_smile:.


Rush can be played around with good positioning, provoke, and or nightshroud. You can mitigate frenzy via diagonal placing. Also at 6 mana it should be strong, also mirrage has been punishing it hard lately.

Faie is who actually had success in tournament play with mechs recently not starhorn. Getting mechazor the earliest doesn’t mean much when your opponent can answer it.

I am not defending mechs, but they are certainly far from overwhelming, or a balance problem. Are they healthy? Not really, but they are not that bad either.

Baring Ramp, Deci/Spikes is a 7 mana 9 damage combo, 2/3ds of which is linear. You often do have a chance to answer. Its also one of the few things that keeps starhorn in the game. Do I like it? No, because it can actually be legitimate uncounterable out of hand damage on par with songhai. But is it a problem in the meta? No, not really.

If you check winrates across the board, and the amount of archetypes that are doing well, the game is incredibly balanced.

Now I am not complaining about songhais power at the moment, as I said, things are pretty balanced, but I dont see how you can complain about magmar as the out of hand, uncounterable damage problem when songhai simply exists. I play every faction but songhai, because they are the perfect example of the problem your trying to pin on magmar and mechs right now.


“Yes? Hello? Did someone say my name?”


Yea he does have a little bit more health then he should, which pains me to admit since I do like my lizards/


While Lavaslasher is still stupidly overstated, he isn’t really a problem in the meta at this point. Magmar is still good but far from overwhelming or oppressive in any form. The other factions are easily on par with them. So while i get where you are coming from, Akurane is right, CPG fixed pretty much all the problems with the meta with that last expansion which is a testament of how incredibly well made that expansion is.


Was intending for it to be a joke :confused:


Lavaslasher is the reason why we did not get good cards in UP - this should be pain enough. So leave him untouched. My honest opinion.
(I don’t say we did not get interesting cards and I do not mean every card is unplayable but look at our best decks. They don’t have to run a single UP card.)

I can’t take a thread like this serious. What it shows is not that there’s a problem with the game but with understanding the meta. People are happy at the moment because of diversity - so how is Decimus combo a problem? It’s unfun to play against at best.
And while sometimes it’s fun to play I can say that I’m also not a fan of Spike damage in general. Doesn’t matter which faction.


I agree that some magmar cards need to bee nerfed but imho is not enought for say bye to this game. Unearthed profecy is the best expansion duelyst ever see and The metà is on Point imho (bar lavaslasher and phantasm)


lol he called vanararcanyst op for cheap spells and never mentioned songhais whole faction represents that


he called out vanarcanyst as an example most likely coz pre-UP, it was one of the more oppressive and popular meta archetypes that had spell synergy.

pre-UP, arcanysthai is also strong but vanar’s tempo dispels gave it a slight edge. yeah artifacthai and spellhai are there but they required advanced piloting hence newer players stayed away from it.


Arcanysthai is far below Vanars version in terms of power, especially pre-up. What made Arcanyst Vanar so strong is that Vanar removal provides really strong tempo but low value, while Arcanyst are weak on tempo but provide lots of value. Songhai’s removal on the other hand isn’t exactly strong tempo wise and just as weak value wise. Also, pre UP Songhai had no effecient comeback mechanic. If you fell behind on board you just lost. With Eternity painter they got at least that much but their removal is still pretty weak overall.


While there’s a fundamental nugget of truth in this, I don’t think Vanar Arcanysts and Songhai Arcanysts are even remotely the same deck. Songhai Arcanysts are a far older archetype with more to work with, and the Vanar Arcanysts works with the absolutely busted cheap Vanar spells. One is a midrange deck that needed, and got some love to push those dank Chakri Avatar dunks, and the other is yet another Vanar Perfect Storm of what happens when you do everything with lower mana costs and more ramp than everyone else.

But my outlook has been more along the lines of giving better cheap spells to all of the non Songhai/Vanar factions so that isn’t a problem, as opposed to further nerfing Vanar (which will probably just have to happen again.)

The OP’s frustration is very understandable, and relative to games with metagames, it’s always a good idea to consider getting distance. Whether a short hiatus, or a longterm bailing, I hope Lyzee finds what they were looking for out of Duelyst, even if it’s in another game. I certainly found in Duelyst what I wanted out of Hearthstone


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