Platinum to S rank help: Aggro Cas


Currently Sitting at Platinum 5, trying to reach S rank with Abyssian. Currently working on a deck for each general, but this one seems to have the best chance so far.

Still only sitting at just under 50% winrate, any help would be appreciated!


id replace rev and phantasm for bta and primus fists


replace revenant with bloodtear alchemist? revenant is a pretty heavy wincon it feels. why primus fist over phantasm? primus fist is only effective if there is another unexhausted minion on the field.

Also, is Abyssian behind the field right now? It feels like most other factions have one or two builds that just throw me out of the water, regardless of which build im using (especially so for swarm, there’s so much field removal that’s in the meta)


Primus fist offers instant damage and it’s the universal rule that a 2/3 body beats a 3/2 body.

Bta just ensures that you’re either going big early or you’re going home (imo, revenant played with chakram is a much better option especially as you’re playing cass)


2 hits, immediate value, effect can’t be answered. solid without effect. literally the best aggro 2 drop

bad matchup


These days a Rev paired with Chakram is a great lethal combo to pull off.

In an aggro Cass deck, 8 mana Rev is too little too late in most cases, your 50% win rate as example

BtA helps you clear with face, and ping eggs / seekers when BBS is on cooldown or when you need an extra ping

Primus fist, yes OG only works when there’s another friendly around but is another 2/3 for 2 mana, which is stickier and OG can be handy for lethal / clear board, is a solid 2 drop option

Though, I’d find space for 3 lures, at least one copy of Betrayal & maybe 2 copies of Mind Lathe, probably what would end up being cut for it might be Void Pulse / Primus Fist / Ooze / a combination of the aforementioned.

This might be something I’d go for, but perhaps the Bound Tormentors are not needed and cutting them for another Blaze Hound / Mind Lathe / Spectral Blade / Dark Seed would be ideal for consistency


healnar seems rarer than usual, but still is extremely resistant against this deck. ya gotta have a better win-con than just rev. chakram may actually be a viable step into the late game


As a whole, it looks like a pretty strong deck. I’m of (I think) the unpopular opinion that Aggro Cass is a little underwhelming right now.

But if it’s what you want to use, first and foremost, Daemonic Lure is a must. Cheap removal lets you keep up pressure, and it synergizes with your Grasp of Agony. Maybe swap phantasm for them (phantasm’s effect isn’t quite worth).

It’s been said by others, but I like the idea of Primus Fist. Respectable stats for a 2-drop. Extra damage lets a minion trade up or hit face harder. Revenant could be what you swap since you look to end games before 8 mana.

If you want, you can try to fit Betrayal in the deck. It’s a little cheeky, but it can deal large damage, especially if your opponent needs to bodyblock to prevent too much damage.


Not really. If I were to put Abyssian in some sort of order for factions, it’ll be somewhere in the middle. Most people would probably be in agreement by saying Magmar and Vet would take the top 2 places, by being a bit (or a lot, depending on your view) above the other 4. The other 4 factions would probably be in order by how much people like them.


Thanks for all the feedback, i’ve switched phantasm with primus fist, and working on what im going to do about revenant. Betrayals are definitely going to be the next card I forge


I agree, I have heard some people call it sleeper OP, but that was not my experience playing with it last month. It is a fine deck and can do some nice work here and there, with some consistent damage and some nice tech options, but also a number of weaknesses and reliances. A far cry from the Glory days when phatasm, rev, tiger, deso & sphere were all unnerfed.

But the deck now posted at the top looks fine, S rank capable for sure. My personal taste would be to find room for a pair of desolators to win in slower games, but your mileage may vary. And as others have said Betrayal can be a cute tech to spring a ‘gotcha’ moment, I do not feel them be mandatory but I was happy enough with running 2 of them in my list.

Good Luck.


Isn,t it true that zir,an is basicly aggro cassy but better?


Vet kinda destroys Mag because of the amazing removal it has but the only reason its behind mag in ranking is because mag just destroys every other faction harder then vet.


Plasma Storm destroys Vet (delet mag btw)


Personally, I would put them on the same level. Whatever faction people put as the better faction above the other is probably down to personal experience. All I would say with certainty is both factions are above the other 4. If we wanted place factions from like best to worst for example.


Your current list looks really solid and likely does not need any changes, your first draft with Rev/Phantasm was also really good, although Phantasm is a bit underwhelming these days, and I do think primus tends to be more reliable since its easier to get any unit to stick for primus then it is to backline Phantasm and make it work. Back in the day before its nerfs backline Phantasm aggro cass was THE deck but those times are long past.

And to answer your other question, Abyss has been low tier for quite some time now. They kept receiving nerfs even when they were not top of the pack and that has left them struggling. There are a small handful of ridiculous decks at the top, but you can tech with them in mind and do ok. Abyss is lagging behind, but not by to much and you can still do well with them.

Here is what I do these days:

I like to build with a little more late game with Revs/desos so you don’t get blown out by people that tech healing. The second list is likely more your speed as its the more traditional approach, I like the intensify engine but it is a little weird and not for everyone.


Still sitting at under 50% win rate unfortunately, playing around with the intensify build as well, with no luck :v


Perhaps posting some replays here could help. After all its nerfs, Aggro Cass is no longer the (imo) easiest Abyss deck to play it once was.


I can start working on recording games, as far as other Abyss decks go, The only meta i haven’t tried is wanderer lillith. swarm lilith has so many counters with the amount of aoe/board clear available to almost every faction and in most wanderer builds, and Dying wish Maehv just feels way too dependent on opening hand for me to get consistent win streaks


The game automatically records for you. If you go to your profile you can see and share replays of every game you’ve played so far. Share some and we’ll be happy to give you feedback.