Pixel Art Preview: Zephyr



Goku? is that you?

Looks vetruvian, and maybe has blast or sth?


Vet for sure. Dervish/Structure synergy due to association with wind. Probably allows your Obelysks to move or something. Or gives Blast to your Dervishes. Or has Blast and turns minions it kills into soulburn Obelysks. Or into Bloodfire totems, but that sounds less likely.


Please be vetruvian please be vetruvian please be vetruvian

EDIT: Blast is too obvious, it will probably have a crazy effect and no keywords. I just hope it’s vet and it’s good and it’s not legendary because vet is expensive enough


Hahaha thinking the same!

Anyway cooool, the pixel art is one of the things that i love in this game!
Keep up the good work!;D


Given the apparent inverse relationship of how awesome a card’s animation is compared to it’s actual stats/effect, I’m going to guess this is going to be something like

5 mana
Dying Wish: Dispel a minion that has not been dispelled yet.


Let’s keep it simple and efficient :

  • Vetruvian
  • 5 mana
  • 3/4
  • Flying, Blast


Also, what ever happened to the random fox they showed a couple of months ago that freaked people out because foxes usually means bad times?


What about: Dying Wish - restore a previously dispelled minion’s abilities, then dispel it again, then destroy it, and it deals two damage to you and another random minion you own…

Seriously though, looks fun!


Sounds good, but it needs to be limited. It should only proc as an Opening Gambit, a Dying Wish, at the end of your turn, and occasionally when a unit moves.


It would be cool if it had knockback. Move the attacked minion 2 squares backwards.


Zirix went super Saiyan


Sooooo, Nimbus is a cloud type, correct? So the minion references wind, so does Zephyr. Heeehee…


Let’s see about what we can gather from the artwork:

color scheme > vet
flying character > flying keyword
attack animation > blast keyword
char’s self confidence > probably unjustified and therefore the card will be bad
human-like form > probably won’t have lots of stats
anime hairstyle > japanese card name, katara, shiro or some shit like that (yes, they will change the card name)

So, it will probably be something like:

4 mana 2/3
Flying, Blast

After the card is revealed, for every incorrect point I’ve made I’ll drink a glass of Nestea on stream. I am that confident in my prediction skills.


don’t know about bad or good, but it looks legendary


Its name is Zephyr, and Nimbus does not fly.

But yeah, I am quite sure you will turn out right and everyone else, including me, wrong.

Now, for my guess:

Vetruvian / Legendary Minion / 8 Mana 6/6

Everytime this minion destroys another, summon a Soulburn Obelysk in its place.

Basically, a Vetruvian Slithar Elder.


I want to watch this stream


Judging by the card’s art:

7 mana
Untargetable. After powering up for 5 turns, deal damage to opponent characters equal to the number of friends you have online.


Each time this minion deals lethal damage to your opponent, it hijacks your opponent’s username, creates a forum account if there isn’t already one, and generates a PLZ NERF thread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want it just for the face reveal