Pixel Art Preview: Rancour


Expansion Spoiler Day 6: Grandmaster Embla

“* Snap * hehehehe DIE!” - Rancour, 201x


Magmar females are genetically predisposed to face away from the camera


Looks majestic and kind a gay but screw it MAGMARINOO!!!
Edit: Just realised it’s a female. Anyway magmar preview? Feels good man.


Starhorn cards :slight_smile:


I have one question: why is this a fucking crossbreed between a deer, a human and a lizard?
That aside, nice. Looks starhorn-y.


I like the look of this one, hopefully it’s playable.


Holy fuck that animation is so cool.


Did you just assume its gender ? TRIGGERED


Gender doesn’t matter anyway, as long as it looks like a female it’s all good :wink::100::+1::chart_with_upwards_trend:


Awesome :open_mouth: we look forward to anticipations


Is it wrong I find this sentence has a BnP feel ?




Nice minion, and very, very fabulous, although I prefer Nimbus’ elegant style.

But what is their gender?

  • Male
  • Female
  • Present
  • Ausent
  • Maybe

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wow this looks awesome.

6 mana 2/4
grow +1/1
whenever your opponent draws a card on your turn, teleport this minion to an unoccupied corner





Really awesome animation!!
I wonder what it is that allows is to be so lengthy :slight_smile:


Looks great but would rather it have a awesome ability then Better… As a magma carnasaur


Looked at the arm and was reminded of Nimbus, this card will make Magmar viable confirmed.


Outrageously Fabulous.